Jubilee Centre has strong history of project work and has been running courses and workshops in church transformation for a number of years.

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Below is a summary of our current and past work:

Church and Community Mobilisation work

Church Mobilisation Programme
The Church Mobilisation Programme works with 80 churches in four urban economically poor communities, mobilising the leaders and congregations to practice integral church community engagement. Over three years the programme is training three facilitators from each church to explore integral mission and church community engagement. These facilitators then, with the support of their Church Mobilisation Committee, work with their congregation to share their learning and explore what integral mission means for them as a church in their community.

Case studies are produced for models of church community engagement and the content of the course is being shared with other communities, churches and organisations through written and multimedia communications. To help enable Jubilee Centre to share these models and material effectively and to help train the communities we work with JC is developing and expanding it’s Resource Centre (see below).


HIV/AIDS Church Response
Through our Church Mobilisation Programme Jubilee Centre works with 80 churches in four urban economically poor communities, mobilising the leaders and congregations to practice integral church community engagement by enhancing their response to the HIV and AIDS pandemic. The programme then supports each of the churches to scale up their HIV/AIDS response in their community, with each church providing volunteer Care Givers from their congregations who provide holistic support and care to chronically ill patients and their households � including providing nutritional support, as well as education and support to orphan’s and vulnerable children in their communities.

HIV/AIDS Youth Action Clubs
HIV/AIDS Youth Action Clubs aim to promote prevention and anti-stigmatisation messages and support young people to resist the pressure of being sexually active outside of marriage. The Clubs are established by local churches for their community and supported by Jubilee Centre. Trained peer-educators encourage discussions of HIV prevention and care messages within the group. The clubs are youth led, as they know their needs and understand one another, which in turn raises up confident young people who love God and their nation, and are able to demonstrate patriotism and thrive as citizens of Zambia. The clubs also reach out to a wider audience through sports and public events in order to spread the prevention message and recruit more people to the groups.

Advocacy work

Monday issue
Jubilee Centre produces a weekly publication on socio-economic and political issues facing Zambia and the region as a result Jubilee Centre has become an authority in highlighting such issues facing the church in Africa today. Explore the latest Monday Issue here.

Micah Challenge
Jubilee Centre has been feeding into the international Micah Challenge campaign, with the Executive Director addressing a number of key conferences and is also the national facilitator for the campaign in Zambia. Micah Challenge Zambia is a national campaign to empower the church in Zambia and beyond to respond to poverty. Jubilee Centre hosts Micah Challenge in Zambia find out more at:

Resource Centre
To help enable Jubilee Centre to share it’s work more widely and to help build the capacity of those people it works with we are developing and expanding our Resource Centre. This is open to members of the communities, as well as other interested individuals, churches and organisations to research and deepen their knowledge and understanding of integral mission and church community engagement.

The Resource Centre also provides a base for church members to share their models of church community engagement and for Jubilee Centre to share its knowledge and experience with others from Zambia, the region and with global partnerships. The development of a Guest House will help to enable this to take place, for example through residential training events and hosting visitors to Jubilee Centre. The Resource Centre and Guest House will also be a local income generator for Jubilee Centre through the hire of their services.

Current services offered by JC Resource Centre:

  • Library
  • Internet cafe
  • Multimedia and video production

Other work

Jubilee Centre is helping to link donors in the North to sponsor over 40 children in more than four communities for primary, secondary and college level education.

Examples of past community focussed work:

Community school: Jubilee Centre has helped build a community school in Mapalo, on the outskirts of Ndola, and has helped the community to develop a government sponsored community response to AIDS with two communities receiving funding by UNAIDS for HIV/AIDS to broaden their outreach into schools.

Memorandum of understanding: In 2006 Jubilee Centre empowered church leaders, in the run-up to national elections, to solicit the support of their elected representatives in meeting the collective needs of their community (see resources for more information).

A-Watch PACT/USAID: Jubilee Centre through support from PACT and USAID has facilitated sensitization programmes on HIV/AIDS in ten constituencies through the training of MPs, CBOs, FBOs, civil and traditional leaders. This work focussed on imparting advocacy skills in prevention of HIV/AIDS and stigma reduction by these leaders taking an active role in advocating for HIV/AIDS policy and quality service delivery. To date this project has 600 community, church and political leaders, and facilitated the establishment of Constituency Liaison Committees that have been responsible in ensuring that the required services, such as ARVs, CD4 count machines and access to quality VCT centres, are made available for the people in the constituency.

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