Jubilee Centre was started in 2000 as the vision of one man in the belief that every part of our lives comes under the Lordship of Christ and that all of life is a context for worship, mission, ministry and active Christian engagement and in recognition that the evangelical church had a gap in not addressing in Zambia and globally. Jubilee Centre has grown rapidly into a national organisation with a team of staff and a purchased office in Ndola, running a number of programmes.

Since it’s inception Jubilee Centre has run a number of programmes, including leadership training through Will the church save Zambia workshops, working on HIV/AIDS through youth action clubs and training of peer educators, networking Christian leaders to think about the future of Zambia and their involvement, and running the A-watch programme in a number of constituencies across Zambia supported by PACT Zambia and USAID.

Jubilee Centre’s work at the grassroots, national and international levels reinforce the credibility of the organisation. Global partnerships with Micah Challenge, Tearfund UK, Wheaton College, Viva Network,Church Mission Society, Willow Creek Church, Community Fellowship Church, Global Health Outreach and other churches, organisations and individuals have strengthened the scope of influence and global vision of the organisation.

The Jubilee Centre team is made up of a committed staff and well-rounded board, consisting of theologians, development experts, pastors and business people.