Five-year Strategic Plan

In September 2006 the Board and Staff of Jubilee Centre went on a retreat to develop a new five-year strategic plan for the organisation. The resulting plan provides the foundation blocks for developing the work of Jubilee Centre in the coming years.

Download the Jubilee Centre Five Year Strategic Brief – 2006-2011

Our vision

We see a day when:

The church, its leaders and its people have been transformed into agents of change bringing Christian hope, justice and well-being within their communities and inspiring others to do the same

Our goal

Jubilee Centre is a Christian organisation that empowers churches, communities and their leaders to grow spiritually, flourish physically and have a voice in the world.

Our values

As we journey toward our vision we will uphold the following values:

  • We are Christian and work with the church
  • We model servant leadership
  • We are committed to integral mission
  • We strive for excellence and integrity
  • We are committed to God, the people we serve, and to our partners

Our strategic priorities

  • Inspire and train church, business and political leaders to transform society
  • Empower and engage churches and Christian organisations in Zambia, the region and globally to fight poverty
  • Empower and engage churches and Christian organisations in Zambia to work with people living with and affected by HIV and AID
  • Build a sustainable organisation by stabilising resources for our work and broadening the systems that will make our organisation healthy and retain, develop and grow a skilled team and strong Board