Jubilee Centre is an NGO in Zambia. A Christian think tank with legs it is an organization equipping and serving pastors, professionals, missionaries and Christian leaders to bring about change in the moral, economical, and political transformation of Zambia. To this end, the Centre emphasizes both reflection and implementation, investing in and inspiring clergy and church members, scholars and Christian activists, politicians and private business professionals.

Jubilee Centre exists to empower churches, communities, and their leaders to grow spiritually, flourish physically, and have a voice in the world. We long to see a day when the church, its leaders, and its people have been transformed into agents of change, bringing Christian hope, justice, and well-being within their communities and inspiring others to do the same. A commitment to model Christ the Servant Leader under girds all Jubilee Centre activities and programmes, providing the impetus and foundation for integral ministry.

Five-year Strategic Plan



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