Finding God’s Will for Your Life

If you’re an adult and do not hold grade 12 certificate the government has decided it is not the Lord’s will for your life to serve Him as a political leader. The amended Constitution allows you to vote but not to stand. One would have thought that before this proposal was made law the government would have made education through grade 12 free. As it stands, this law discriminates against tens of thousands of Zambians who because of their extreme poverty are not able to complete grade 12.

As I see it, the issue is not so much that a certain group of people are being deprived of the opportunity to lead. My concern is that most Zambians love to follow. The few who do lead at a high level, whether in politics, as chiefs or even as church leaders are mostly in it to make their lives better, not to serve those they lead. Take the cases of orphans and HIV and AIDS. Who is providing leadership? Which politician has those initiatives at the top of their list of campaign matters for the 2016 presidential elections? Are there more important issues in our nation? Sadly these critical issues are not being addressed with the required devotion by our leaders. Many who are providing leadership and resources in these areas are not our doctors or social workers in government or business people or members of our local churches but global churches and international institutions.

If you have not completed grade 12 our government is saying you cannot provide political leadership in our country. But if you’re a Christian that falls into this category you are not off the hook. The bible says that the disciples were unschooled and ordinary. For the disciples it wasn’t their education, beauty, family heritage or talent than enabled them to turn the world upside down. The disciples turned the world upside down because of the presence of Christ shining through their lives. The rulers, the elders and the priests were quick to acknowledge that the disciples had spent time with Christ. We are being invited to do the same-spend time with Christ in His word and in prayer. Christ is calling us to obey him wholeheartedly that He will be able to do the most amazing things through us.

Education and intelligence may give you some success, riches, health or security. However, success in God’s eyes is when we choose to carry His mission and message to others instead of keeping it for ourselves. This happens when we ask the question “how can I help at risk children receive a great education?” When God calls a person to His will he often calls such a person to continue what He is already doing, just with a divine calling. For example, Paul could not stand it that the Gentiles weren’t hearing the gospel of our Lord Jesus and God said, “I have made you a light for the Gentiles that you may bring salvation to ends of the earth.” What can’t you stand in your life? It could be the very call of God upon your life.

Lawrence Temfwe

Extract of message preached at Renewal Church