Bringing Vision To Life

Child Sponsorship-Bringing Vision to Life

“When adults get hungry, children starve. When adults get sick, children die.
Every day, 24,000 of these precious little ones are hard hit by poverty related causes,
because most times we lack the heart and courage to fight on their behalf”. (Dr. Wess Stafford)

As Jubilee Centre we are working very hard with churches to give the children vision
of something better to life. One way we are doing this is by supporting 151 extreme
vulnerable families with monthly cash transfer that they at least take one child to school.

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Some of these families have teamed up together and formed savings and credit clubs

where they are loaning each other funds payable over three months.  

Through this program some families have put money together and are

now engaged in charcoal trading.

Pastor Nyimbili who is one of the families in this program specified,

“Poverty will soon be history in the Nyimbili family.” Another family,

the Kamwimba’s put their funds into brick making and now they are building a house.

Their son Gift is so excited that he is participating in the building because soon

he will have his own room.

“I just want to say to God be the glory.”

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The newly set up savings and credit fund has granted the Zulu family an opportunity to

create a small business.  It involves mixing concentrates, different flavors and other additives

to make a juice and have it placed in small plastics and sold at wholesale price to venders. 

These packs are frozen and then sold to their customers. They are very popular to small kids during hot season.

Ray Zulu junior who is on the monthly sponsorship program and who is running this is so happy that this business

has also enabled his mother start going to school.  “I am so happy that this support is now helping my mother go

to school too. Illiteracy is a cause of poverty in Zambia, but with the support of godly people my family is rising above poverty. ”

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Martha Temfwe the Coordinator for this program stated, “This vision started several years ago in the kitchen of a

homemaker in Atlanta, Thomaston USA, who asked me ‘What if I helped one child every month?’

That one question birthed a monthly child sponsorship program that is bringing children’s vision to life”