A Volunteer’s Spirit

It is seldom disputed that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” However, I would like to propose that occasionally, without a story, a picture is merely a visual representation of ambiguity that can either be interpreted through our individual worldview or simply disregarded never to be payed a second thought.

Rev. Mary Mwiche serves as board secretary of Jubilee Centre. Pastor Chris, Rev. Mwiche and I went on a field visit to a community Jubilee Centre serves in Lusaka. It was the first field visit I had been on with her and it progressively became evident that she had admirable observational skills. What could possibly have been just a routine visit for Pastor Chris and I was soon to become a memorable encounter with the people we serve.

We were at one of the churches in our network and my task was to take photos of the children’s feeding program and henceforth, my natural focus was on them. Rev. Mwiche reached out to me and requested I record the story of one of the volunteers.


Her name is Idah Musole. My father frequently encourages people to “go the extra mile.” I would be holding candour captive if I did not confess that Mrs. Musole is the epitome of this statement.

She has been a volunteer at the Apostolic Faith Mission Church for the past 4 years and she prepares meals for the kids in the feeding program. This church has no kitchen, stove or fridge. Therefore, she is tasked with preparing each meal from scratch; and by scratch I mean from the inception of the fire all the way to serving the kids with a succulent meal that is arguably the highlight of their day.

There are 75 children who come everyday and she knows them all by name. It goes beyond that. She has a personal relationship with each of them and you can see it by the way their faces light up when they see her. It doesn’t matter if she is greeting them with a smile or scolding them for cutting the line; she is a mother to them and loves each of them unconditionally. She knows that a substantial amount of the kids are coming from challenging situations at home and she strives to give them a slice of paradise for the few hours she has with them each day.

She arrives at the church everyday at 8am and doesn’t leave till after 4pm because she chooses to help sweep the classrooms after the kids leave on account of her relentless desire to see them succeed. Her love for them is so influential that her 9th grade daughter chooses to volunteer with her too. She helps support her family by making doormats, selling cooking oil and making and selling a local beverage called munkoyo.

Mrs. Musole shared with us how she is unequivocally called by God to serve him and this is the way she shows her commitment. She has an authentic gift with people; she loves with a selfless spirit that warms the hearts of each individual she encounters. I can attest to this because although much of what she shared was translated to me, her personality just radiated. When I was taking her photo, she poked fun at me. I was taking multiple photos but she was under the impression that I was having a hard time operating my own equipment and she made that known to everyone in a hysterical fashion that I wish I could translate.

Rev. Mwiche provoked a profound principle. By virtue of us being Christians, we have the immeasurable force of the Holy Spirit that accords us the ability to love unconditionally.

At the Global Leadership Summit, Greg Groeschel lashed out; “There is so much more in you!” Contextualising his statement, we need to;

Share More. Care more. Seek More. Observe More. Love More.

Unapologetically put; we need to learn from Idah Musole’s selfless spirit.

Perhaps the most acute acquisition from all these words is that the photo you see above cannot

simply be disregarded never to be payed a second thought.

David Temfwe