Who will stand up against the Tide?

Why is Zambia not working to its best? Why is the news about Zambia riddled with business and government corruption? Why are thousands of able children not in high school or university? Why are thousands Zambian students graduating from high schools or universities without skills to find or create jobs? Why is Zambia’s politics embracing the same people who were convicted for corruption? Where are the Christian Freedom Statue Colorlawyers, the clergy and other skilled people who not only point out what is wrong with our country but also give indicators as to how we can build a better country?

One response to my last question will be-you know very well that in Africa when an individual tries to excel or conceive solutions to a country’s problems, one is not rewarded with praise or monetary awards, . Instead they are abused with arrest, detention or death. It is this intellectual barbarism, perhaps more than anything else, that stops those who mean well from participating in the development of a nation. In the end we end up with leaders who are experts at quick fixes and generic approaches that ensure better blessings for their own families than a nation.

In my engagement with leaders at various levels, I am well aware that Zambia is not short of leaders who can move Zambia to a place where people’s work ethics in government, business and industries can lead us to levels of excellence, so that when people read “Made or Born in Zambia” they will know that the products are brands of pride, trust, honest, hard work, perseverance, durability and confidence.  Some of these leaders graduated from the University of Zambia when it had comfortable accommodation and beautiful environmental surroundings. They have an idea of what freedom and development looks like because they tasted it for a season; a bit of “paradise.”  Most of the early generation of University of Zambia graduates are in our churches. They have experienced Jesus as Lord but they need to experience Him as leader and learn from Him.

For Christian politicians and business people in our churches to make a difference for the good of our nation, they need their perspective on faith to change. They also need their views on leadership to change.  Politicians and business people in our pews need help to realize that Jesus is more than just a great spiritual leader.  In Jesus, we have a practical and effective leadership model whether in politics or business.  Leadership is about influence. When we try to influence the thoughts and actions of others toward goal accomplishment in either their personal or their calling in politics or business life we are engaging in leadership.

Do you have politicians or business people in your local church?  How are you helping them to lead like Jesus? How are you helping business and political leaders rid the government and business of the corruption that is bringing many developmental projects to their knees – while lining the wallets of senior government workers and chief executives at the expense of our children having quality education and health services?  “The local church is the hope of the world” says Bills Hybels, senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church.  It becomes the hope of the world when church leaders equip business people and the politicians in our churches to trust Jesus as their leadership model.

The Jesus model of leadership does bring real transformation for citizens and the community, but it won’t come without a great deal of individual courage and effort.  The Jesus model of leadership calls us to dare to stand against the tide. As church leaders let us provoke those with influence to stand up against the tide of corruption, tribalism, nepotism, totalitarian government, unemployment, education and HIV and AIDS.

Lawrence Temfwe