Ndola Pastor’s Fellowship Get a Feel of the Global Leadership Summit

The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) Zambia Coordinator Pastor Lawrence Temfwe, holding the front page of the Post Newspapers of June 3 told the 46 church leaders at the Ndola Pastors Fellowship meeting that, “All the 8 headlines are all pointing to the fact that Zambia is in dire need of leaders who must be able to provide inspiration, motivation and clear vision to the nation.”   Pastor Temfwe was speaking at a meeting held at Ndola Baptist Church at which he was introducing the Global Leadership Summit-a two day annual training event, for church, ministry and community leaders to sharpen their leadership skills. He stated that,  “The Global Leadership Summit is a world-class experience designed to help you get better and embrace your grander vision”  Pastor Temfwe added that in the book of Acts 2 the church was illuminating the light which attracted people to it. He stated that the Global Leadership Summit helps leaders to ignite the fire of Pentecost.

After the introductions, the Pastors were shown a DVD session at which Bill Hybels the founder of GLS and Senior Pastor of Willow Creek spoke on Holy Discontent. After watching the session a few pastors were shedding tears as they reflected on the question of “How their hearts were being aligned to that which frustrates heaven and earth.” Pastor Chansa Pascal the Ndola Pastors Fellowship Secretary said, “These are the type of meetings we need as a fellowship because pastors rarely hear such messages nowadays.” Daniel Daka who was on the technical crew said that he was encouraged to see how focused and broken the pastors were as they listened to the message. He concluded, “I was so crushed I just started crying as I listened to the message, asking God to show me His heart for the world and what he would want me do.”

“Pastors lack this type of messages, if we continue to listen  to such messages we will be more focused and we shall have no photocopy pastors who are just preaching about sowing seeds, taking of holy water and anointing oil,” stated Rev. Henry Mumba. The Ndola Pastors Fellowship has requested the Global Leadership Summit Zambia to encourage them next month.

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Pastor Temfwe sharing the vision of GLS                                                          Pastors listening to Bill Hybels

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Pastors praying after listening to Holy Discontent Message

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