Pray for children protection against abuse

One of the most exciting testimonies we hear from church leaders is how boreholes sank at churches have brought visibility to the church being the hope of the community. One sad part is to see small girls sent to fetch water carrying heavy twenty litre containers. During his visit to George in Lusaka, Pastor Temfwe witnessed two girls trying to carry twenty litre containers of water and he came to their rescue.  He then carried their two twenty litre containers to their home about 100 meters from borehole.

Pastor Temfwe had a good word with their mother and told her about child abuse and the consequences of it.  He shared the priceless message of Christ. She accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior. Please pray that she will attend church this Sunday at Pentecostal Holiness in Lusaka. Please also pray that the children committees in the churches running AWANA will be aggressive about bringing awareness to parents and guardians about child protection and rights.

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Photo: Pastor Temfwe helping the Children