Jubilee Centre Child Advocacy Program Goes Viral

For the last 9 weeks Jubilee Centre has been conducting a radio program on child participation centred development approach which helps communities to learn about children rights and how church and community can take active role in the personal spiritual and physical growth of children. On ThursdayIMG_5024 4th December 2014 the panel was Pastor Christopher Chanda, Church Mobilization Coordinator, Gift Kabwe Child Development Coordinator and Daniel Daka, the Youth Coordinator. The topic was the role of the church and community in child protection.

Pastor Chris emphasized that the parents and guardians are key players in promoting child protection. The community should be involved in child protection because ‘It takes the village to raise a child’.

Mr. Daniel Daka highlighted how the church was well placed at the centre of the community to be the salt and light of the community. He stated that Jubilee Centre is working with 94 churches which are continually being trained in advocating for children’s rights and being encouraged to be models for the community where children are  protected, nurtured and have their potential unlocked.

Pastor Gift said that the government has good structures and policies on child rights and protection in place. He pointed out that implementation of these policies was not effective because of lack of partnership with other line ministries, churches and communities. He said that the government must take the lead in ensuring that the policies it is developing are being implemented. It is no good to have policies that are not followed through he stated. Pastor Gift shared how every activity the Jubilee Centre  implements relating to children are aligned to government policies. He said, "We are feeding 900 children, we have built 27 houses for orphans,  we are providing education support to 1145 orphans and vulnerable children and 9,575 children have undergone child rights training. We have 250 children on ART support."

In conclusion Pastor Christopher quoted Isaiah 1:17 and said that the role of the church and community is to seek justice for the marginalized people. He inferred that the church and community should help victims of property grabbing and report all cases of abuse to relevant authorities.