Integrating Child Participation into Church, Community and National Fabric

Jubilee Centre concluded its 9 series of radio programs with the topic Integrating Child Participation into Church, Community and National Fabric on Thursday 11 December 2014. On the the panel was Mrs. Martha Temfwe the International Relations and Child Sponsorship Coordinator, Mr. Daniel Daka the Youth Coordinator and Pastor Gift Kabwe the Child Development Coordinator.

Mrs. Temfwe said that as Jubilee Centre we are passionate about child participation because God does not undervalue children like we do in our culture. “Children are also created in the image ofIMG_5550 God”  stated Mrs. Temfwe. That is why as church, we are totally against abortion. The Bible tells us that children are a blessing from the Lord. She referred to Mathew 18:6 and said we are passionate about child participation because Jesus our Lord is passionate about children.

Mr. Daka,  said that the key to sustainable child participation is the creation of structures that empower children within their families and communities. He recommended having the Junior Parliament in Zambia as one way to push forward child participation. “We need a recognized platform where children can speak out their concerns and be heard. And Junior Parliament is the way to go” stated Mr. Daka.

Photo from left to right: Pastor Gift, Mrs Temfwe and Mr. Daka

Pastor Kabwe said that Jubilee Centre was encouraging churches and communities to form children’s clubs. He said that the purpose of these clubs is to help children have a safe place where they share their concern and vision for their community and nation. He stated “Time to parade children as dancers only is long gone. We have too many elderly people in our nation who are only passing on the baton on their death bed. This should not be the case. Now is time to engage children and listen to what their vision is for our great nation.”

In conclusion Mrs. Temfwe said. “The Bible teaches that relationships between adults and children should be loving, just and based on respect. As parents and guardians it is important that we provide space that allows children to explore their environment within a set of safe and healthy boundaries. Children are a blessing from God they should be nurtured in a protected environment, ideally within a family situation, to enable them to gain independence, to serve God and others and to reach their God-given potential,” stated Mrs Temfwe. She retaliated the need for the government to consider Junior Parliament.