Children are made in the Image God

Some of the world’s greatest accomplishments have been through young men and women. Alexander the Great became king before he was thirty years old. Young men and women have played central roles in almost every civil rights movement in history. Dr. Kenneth Kaunda built his political power on young people like Vernon Mwaanga and Rupiah Banda, Sikota and Arthur Wina.  In 2011 President Michael Sata’s Patriotic Front made their strongest sales pitch to youth, because they knew of the influence and dedication of youth.

At Jubilee Centre we host many short-term mission groups from overseas churches and universities. This year’s teams will include students from Wheaton College (USA), Cornerstone University (USA) and Cambridge University (UK). Young people are also included in the church groups and medical teams who will be visiting Zambia to participate in various church programs and clinics in underserved communities.

We believe the hope for church growth lies in the lives of children and young people who do what is “right in the eyes of the Lord”. In line with that conviction Jubilee Centre is currently hosting Dr Emilie Young. Dr Young is supervisor of child and adolescent counselling for the Winning At Home Family Wellness Center in the USA. She is accompanied by Dr Catherine Mueller-Bell who serves as Associate Professor of Counselling at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary of Cornerstone University. Both attend Ridgepoint Community Church a partner of Jubilee Centre. They are in country to support Jubilee Centre efforts to empower churches in their responsibility to protect, provide and to speak out against the mistreatment of vulnerable children.

Children are made in the image of God. Therefore, we believe our efforts and dedication to equip volunteer church leaders who support children and youth is a reflection of the heart of God. If the work of God is going to go grow and if a nation is going to advance it needs consecrated children and young people. When Solomon died and his son Rehoboam took over as king he did things that were good for himself. He was harsh and he didn’t listen to the people’s demands. In the process, the country was divided into two nations; based on tribes. Rehoboam had no interest in what he would give. His only concern was what he could get.   However, when Josiah became king the bible tells us that “He did what was right in the eyes of the LORD and walked in the ways of his father David, not turning aside to the right or to the left.” Why the difference between these two?  2 Chron. 34:3 gives the answer, “In the eighth year of his reign, while he was still young, he began to seek the God of his father David.” In verse 33 we read, “As long as he lived, they (Israelites) did not fail to follow the Lord”. Josiah was 8yrs old when he became king!

Times are perilous, and our cause is the greatest that the nation has ever known. The very hope of the human race lies in developing children and youth who will be committed to Christ. Most of our children are growing up in homes without a mother or father figure. The church is their only hope for such a model. This week we will be engaging 42 pastors and volunteers who care for such children. Please pray for those who will undergo this training. Pray they will take the responsibility to guide and protect the children in their care very seriously. Also pray that the children who ultimately benefit from these volunteers and pastors will become productive citizens with proper respect for authority.

Lawrence Temfwe