“Crazy Enough to Celebrate Jubilee"

This year we will celebrate the Jubilee, the 50 year milestone since we became independent as a nation. Fifty years have gone by and God  has done some great and wonderful things in our nation. But what is Jubilee all about? You know, it’s not exceptional to Zambia as a country. Most African countries got their independence in the 1960s. Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Nigeria, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Congo all got their independence after nearly a century of colonialism. Here are some of the headlines for countries that have celebrated Jubilee: "50 years of independence of Nigeria a dream and a lot of nightmares.” "Fiftieth anniversary of the independence of Cameroon is there anything to celebrate?

Therefore, when we talk about the Jubilee in Zambia, we need to put it into context. Are more people better off now, than they were fifty years ago? From a human point of view this will be difficult to prove.  As a local church we have declared this year as the Year of Jubilee; the Year of Liberty. So as a community of believers we are not looking at liberty from a human point of view, but from God’s view.  Let us look at three things that must happen at Jubilee:

1. What does freedom mean for us today? It means that we as believers are to release our gifts so that we become the body of Christ that God has called us to be. It means that us who once were slaves, slaves to sin, are now free.  As long as we have confessed Christ as Lord we are free. Freedom means that you as an individual and as a body of Christ are now a beacon of freedom and hope for people around you who do not know Christ. Think about the world beyond the church walls. They are slaves and in bondage and Christ seeks Luke 4:17-22 to be fulfilled in their lives. People should be able to come into our local church no matter what their slavery might be and find freedom. Our church is supposed to be a place where people come to find grace, the amazing grace of God that frees them from being slaves to sin to being slaves for Christ, which is the ultimate freedom.sacrifice2

2.  Return the Land:  The land is supposed to revert back to the original owners. Are you going to return the land? And who is the original owner? The original owner is God. He did not only create “the heavens and the earth”, He also owns it. He owns the land and all that is in it, including you.  Everything in your pocket your children, your wife, your husband, house and career- it all belongs to Him. The question is: are you bowing down to Him as Lord? Will you willingly choose to bow down to Jesus Christ as Lord? Will you obey Him? Will you return to Jesus?

3. Make the land lie uncultivated: The land was to be renewed by not being harvested and cultivated, not be domesticated, but to grow wild for a year. Maybe to be radically committed to Jubilee might mean that you and I allow our faith to grow biblically crazy for a year. What might that mean? I think most of us, if we are honest, are on this journey to find this comfortable, convenient, domesticated God who we can neatly fit into our lives.  Friends, that kind of God is nothing less than an illusion and an idol. To be biblically crazy is to hear what Noah, was told to do. To hear what Mary was told to do. To hear what Esther was told to do. To hear what Paul was told to do. To hear what Zacchaeus was told to do. We need an undomesticated faith to enjoy liberty.

This morning, I invite you to make a radical act of Jubilee. I invite you to give back your life over to Him, to place your life on his alter, freeing it into His care.   May you come to Him with these words in your heart, "Lord I come here to trust you with everything I am and everything I have. I come turning the action of my life over to you as my radical act of Jubilee, because I know you have amazing plans for my life, Amen.”

Lawrence Temfwe