Church-Hope for the Orphan

Christians gather every Sunday in churches because the resurrection happened. Sadly, there are many who gather because they believe they are under a generational curse. Overnight prayer meetings, (there is nothing wrong with prayer meetings) and other high powered seminars are held in cities across every African nation everyday to break various curses of generational poverty. Unfortunately key causes of poverty are not addressed. Bad governance, corruption and HIV and AIDS have crippled Africa but rather than stand up and speak out against the corruption, greed and overall poverty of leadership, we resort to inviting the poor to pray and fast and then demand a sacrificial offering from them.


4 of the beneficiaries and the Chibuluma network pastors at one of the new homes

Africa and African people are not cursed. We tolerate men and women who lack character and competence in positions of power. And yet we mobilize the poor, the widows and the orphans by telling them they are cursed and they will need our prayers to break the curse of poverty over their lives. At the same time our parliament and council meeting agendas are about emoluments, buildings and land distributions among elected leaders. Very little time is spent on how the cycle of poverty can be broken.

Recently, Jubilee Centre, in partnership with Willow Creek Church, helped build four houses for child headed households in Chibuluma. Sidney, a nineteen year old recipient of a home, lost both parents from AIDS related sickness. Through the local church he attends he has been helped to understand that although God is not obligated to explain why He took his parents, leaving him to care for 3 siblings, God has promised never to leave him or forsake him. Therefore, when the local church helped him build his home he was better able to comprehend what they had been teaching him, “I now understand fully that the church is mother and father to the orphan. I am going to work hard at school to build for myself the future God has desires for me.”

“The church is hope of the community when it is doing things right,” says Bill Hybels.  Part of right thing to do is to preach that Jesus is Lord. Another is to care for the needy and to raise Daniels and Esthers who will build new nations and be lights to the world. Churches that clearly preach that the death and resurrection of Jesus happened, also practically respond to needs of orphans and vulnerable families, helping them to build the future God has imagined for them. How is your church a blessing to the needy?

Lawrence Temfwe