A nation gazed upon by Angels


archangel-gabriel-image Next year we will be celebrating 50 years of Zambia’s independence. Jubilee Centre and friends have come up with an initiative to turn youngsters and adults to our nation’s history. Planned for release in 2014, this exciting documentary series will include interviews, images and stories of God’s plan for Zambia from Livingstone’s prayer to Chiluba’s declaration. The sequel will chronicle God’s intervention from Lewanika to President Mwanawasa’s baptism service. We will show dynamic and enlightened accounts of how God has acted on Zambia’s behalf in the past and challenge ourselves to make Zambia what God intended from the beginning.

Zambia has a rich Christian history that must be shared from the eyes of Zambian Christians. The fact that we did not know God as revealed in the Bible before the missionaries came does not mean that God was not at work. John Stott stated in Mission in the Modern World, “In providence and common grace, God is indeed active in all men and all societies whether they acknowledge him or not.” So it is no coincidence that the first European to come across the Zambezi River, Vasco da Gama, called it River of Good Omens. God is still at work through this river of life that starts in Zambia and drains seven countries and supports millions of people who make use of its rich fisheries, forests, water, electricity and flood plains soil. Missionaries followed this river and put their mission stations near its banks.

Similarly, the first European to cite Victoria Falls, David Livingstone was breathless when he declared, “scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.” God used Victoria Falls to remind David Livingstone that He was already at work in the Batoka land. In this documentary we will learn about the Fwambo mission and other missions station that provided safety for our people from Portuguese/Arab slave traders. We will learn why the first political party in Zambia started at a mission station. We will see how the church has consistently been a place of political reconciliation in Zambia.

How can you participate? 1. Pray we meet our timeline. 2. Agree to be interviewed. If you have researched any of these subjects and you want to contribute pictures/videos, eyewitness accounts or other materials, please let us know. Not all contributions will be able to be used, but the story will be enriched by all contributions. Lastly, we invite you to partner financially. Our budget is K100,000 ($20,000) for this task. You can make your contribution to Jubilee Centre and write a note that it is for the “50 Year Anniversary Project”.

Lawrence Temfwe