He has been a pastor for the last 15 years preaching the gospel to the lost and helping people grow closer to Christ in extremely under resourced community. Through the ministry of Jubilee Centre (JC) he has also been helped to understand what “Seek justice, encourage the oppressed, defend the cause of the fatherless, and to plead the case of the widow” means. As a result of the Transformation Journey training offered by JC the Lord impressed upon his heart a passion for the wellbeing of widows, orphans, elderly and the chronically ill people. Also he is an enthusiastic church leader in his community chairing the JC church network and the pastor’s fellowship.

Print In 2011 an opportunity to showcase the heart and commitment to the plight of widows and orphans came when a resourced church responded to the clarion call of renovating one of the houses for a family in his community. This pastor who in our current language is an ‘apostle’ (he is chairperson of the church network for JC and also of the Pastors Fellowship), could have easily used his authority to demand that the house be built for him. Other pastors would have agreed because of his position and his need was apparent. He and his wife and seven children were living in a four roomed rented house that had no ventilation and had dusty floor.

The pastor did not use the opportunity to build himself a house; instead he asserted pressure on other pastors that the resources be used to renovate a rundown house of an ailing widow with four children. In the end a widow had her house renovated and extended. Today this widow lives in a spacious house with her three children. In addition she is renting out the extra two rooms which give her enough money to feed her family and send her children to school. She is no longer sickly, but she is healthy and devoted to her local church. Her eldest son is a key leader in the youth church.

When the resourced church heard about this amazing story of humility and sacrifice, they started raising funds for another house. Last year when they came back they donated the money to the pastor that he built himself a house. When neighbors saw how quickly the pastor’s house was completed, they asked, “how come you can build a house in the ‘twinkling’ of an eye when you have minimum resources.” He told them the story of how God saw the tears of the widow and then later heard his cries. The neighbors told the pastor that they wanted to hear more about this God. Since then a house church has started in his living room.   He concluded “Our passion as a church is to care for the widows, orphans, elderly and the terminally ill”. The passion of caring for those in need and being consistent in helping the widows is leading to church planting. Jesus would say, “Shepherds are leading with integrity of heart and widows are being provided with shelter and the gospel is being preached and churches are being planted.” Praise the name of the Lord.

Lawrence Temfwe