Envisioning the Church to use Local Resources

Many Zambian teenagers and young people are at risk of losing out on their dreams for a better future because they cannot afford the exorbitant tuition being demanded by colleges and universities in our country. Jubilee Centre has a scholarship program for youth in the churches it serves. Churches select youth who meet the criteria and then Jubilee Centre interviews them to evaluate their vision for life. The criteria include being active members of a local church, grade A or B school results and extreme financial need. Currently there are 21 students on sponsorship. Recently, Jubilee Centre has been affected by a lack of financial resources to continue supporting these children and eight of the students who were supposed to finish at the end of this year may not graduate.

clip_image002Christian Bible Church has been able to pay the tuition fee of k2,000 for their member,Bathsbebbah Kabwe. Her pastor, Arnold Singoyi is one of the church leaders who has completed Transformational Journey and is currently going through Umoja training. InTransformational Journey Pastor Singoyi learned that Christ not only comes to save our souls for heaven, but He also redeems and reconciles broken creation to Himself. From this he understood orphans like Bathshebbah are broken and the church is there to fix that which is broken. With this in mind he registered her on the tertiary sponsorship program with Jubilee Centre.

Photo: Bathshebbah Kabwe

When Jubilee Centre could not support her last semester he put into practice what he has been learning. He began to envision the church with how they could use the resources of the church to bring about change in the life of a member of their congregation. “As far as I was concerned Bathshebbah was not an orphan but a child of the church and we needed to step up as a faith community to demonstrate our faith in action as James tells us” commented Pastor Singoyi. Though the church offering averages k1,200 per month, they were able to raise the whole k2,000 within six weeks, and Bathshebbah is back at college.

The church took this sacrificial action because they wanted Bathshebbah to experience transformation in every dimension of her life. At church she sings in the main praise team and, as a result of the It Takes Courage lessons she is the disciplinary coordinator for the youth group. She is now pursuing a career in Early Childhood Education. She chose the teaching profession because she loves being with children, captivated by their innocence and way of life. It has been her lifelong passion to teach ever since she was a child. During her teaching practices at Kasumba Basic in Mufulira, her lecturer stated, “Bathshebbah is dedicated and hardworking.  She reports for work in good time and shows interest towards work. She interacts well with parents, is humble, and respects the supervisors.”

Yes, the church is the hope of the world when it’s doing things right. 

Lawrence Temfwe