April-June 2013 Newsletter


As the UMOJA training syllabus continues, we met in Mumbwa for our fourth training session as facilitators. The purpose of this training was to equip the facilitating team so they understand and acquire skills in facilitating the church and community to analyze all information that has been gathered into baseline, and make sound conclusions about their needs and resources.

During this training we were able to share as pastors and leaders, the impact of the Umoja training on our lives, the communities we are living in, our churches and the institutions we are coming from. We furthermore more took time to share the testimonies these teachings were having on others lives, one of the most outstanding testimonies was that of a man called Rodwell Mazambani. Mr Mazambani is a Mumbwa resident and used to be a sorcerer (witch doctor). He was approached a few times by a member of one of the churches in mumbwa (New hope) that is a participant of the Umoja training, and he came to the church one of the Sundays upon persistent invitations from the member. That Sunday was focused on one of the Umoja bible studies that taught on resource mobilization and that Sunday he gave his life to God. We visited the church this time we had the training in Mumbwa and he (Mr. Mazambani) is the chairperson for care and compassion committee at the new hope church, and he also has a farm which he initiated after the resource mobilization training, from which the produce he is able to sell and feed his family.

The story of Mr. Rodwell Mazambani is just one of the amazing testimonies of the impact this training is having on the communities we are bringing it to. For Jubilee Centre and the communities and churches we are brining the lessons of Umoja to, it is transforming the way the pastors and community leaders are looking at their communities and the potential they have to come out of any of there situations.  In Lupton’s book Toxic Charity he says “ In organizational development and human development, the granting of money creates dependence and conflict, not independence and respect. By changing the equation to other means of exchange, we find we are empowering people based on shared responsibility, mutual support, and accountability”. Similar to Lupton’s statement, the Umoja concept inspires people to better their circumstance through hard work, by realizing the resources that God has provided us, which often surround us but we often overlook.

Testimony of Wisdom

clip_image002Wisdom is one of the 949 pupils who were helped this year with tuition fees. He has been on this support for three years now. Wisdom Kolala of Shalom Christian Centre, Kawama Branch in Chifubu Network of churches is one of pupils who were struggling to pay tuition fees, and his family of 5 children is struggling to make ends meet. To supplement the meager earnings produced by the family’s small corn harvest, Wisdoms’ mother Pastor Josephine Kolala, who is not paid by the church spends half of the day doing community work at the clinic in her community and only gets food allowance to supplement on the household income regardless of the challenges facing his family and Community, Wisdom aged 19, is now doing grade 12 at Temweni high school. He made it to grade 10 two years ago with the highest marks of 480 out of 600 at his school.

Wisdom loves God so much and because of his  commitment he was chosen to be the church secretary, making him the youngest to hold such a position in his church. Because of his zeal, attitude and leadership role at Scripture Union, the school chose him to be the deputy head boy, the second largest leadership position at school for a student. Wisdom is working so hard at school and his ambition is to become the biomedical doctor.

                                                                                                                                       JOURNEY OF MY LIFE


Pecious Chanda is a bright 22 year old Chibuluma resident under Jubilee tertiary support, pursuing a 3 year diploma in registered nursing at Kitwe Central Hospital. She attends New Apostolic Church in Chibote, Chibuluma. She is the first born in a family of two daughters. She lost her father at the age of two, her sister died when she was in 3rd grade and later her mother past on when she was in 9th grade. Upon completing high school, despite many obstacles, I was accepted at Kitwe Central Hospital to do nursing. she had no one to pay for her school fees. Her grandfather is just a small peasant farmer who does not even have enough to feed himself. She has been brought up in a Christian family, at church she was involved in teaching Sunday school, singing in the choir and family visitation where she would share the Word of God. She had spoken to God many times about her situation and finally as always, he intervened.

At college Precious joined the Nurses Christian Fellowship where she is still an active member. She leads in worship every day; because of her godly character she has encouraged some other students to join the fellowship. As the fellowship they visit the sick in the hospital to give spiritual care. Due to  her leadership role, she encouraged other nurses and they visited the mother’s shelter, and donated  clothes and groceries.                                                                                                                        Precious Chanda                                                                                                                                                                                                                

She is completing her nursing this year and in two years’ time she sees herself working anywhere where she will be posted and also helping the community especially the vulnerable in any way possible. She is now able to testify that she has seen the hand of the Lord in her life because she wouldn’t have been where she is today without the help of Jubilee Centre and its partners especially that she is a double orphan. “Therefore I   would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to you for everything you have done for me. Kindly continue helping other vulnerable in society.”


clip_image002[9]We were recently able to witnessed the wedding of Daniel Phiri who was sponsored by Willow Creek in psychosocial counseling and has been employed by Ministry of Health as a psychosocial counselor. He wedded Jenipher Nkhowani who was on the Child sponsorship program. Jenipher completed her high school last year. Pastor Christopher Chanda spoke at their wedding and encouraged the couple to love God and be faithful.

Economic empowerment

Economic empowerment for the support groups under tearfund was a success in all the four communities. Each community wasclip_image004 given K1, 000 ($180) for the support groups for their income generating activities. Each community has a maximum of 10 OVCs. The Chifubu network proposed a business of baking cupcakes which they decided to change to selling of charcoal because it was not giving the expected profit. Chibuluma is in the business of making peanut batter. This business is ongoing, they have everything in place despite the fact that the machine they use is rented.

Mapalo went for chicken rearing; they started with 50 chicks according to their budget. Lastly, George is making and selling sausages. Through this empowerment project we have helped a total number of 40 OVCs with school needs and other needs pertaining to their programs and we have witnessed a difference with the OVC’s in terms of  appearance, effort toward academics, and self esteem.                                 Chibuluma Project