Faith In Action

“We are grateful to the church in this community for their positive contribution to this clinic,” said Mrs. Biemba the sister in charge of Mapalo Clinic after the Reformed Church in Zambia Mapalo congregation cleaned the clinic on Women’s Day. She praised God for their faith in action that saw the maternity ward cleaned and the outside of the facility cleaned and renewed.

On Youth Day, Bread of Life Church youth group in Mapalo went to the Police Station and the Magistrate Court to cut the grass and eliminate breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Afterwards they held a prayer rally which sought God for the peace and prosperity of their community. They prayed for more jobs, better education, and for a community free from HIV and AIDS. At the close of work, prayer and fellowship Pastor Peter Chikoseleshi told the youth he was excited that they were putting faith into action. He assured them, “God is answering your prayers. Two youths from our community are now studying in prestigious colleges and by the grace of God they will be interning in schools in our community next term.”

He further reminded them about The Kennedy Phiri Soccer Academy that is supported by churches in the Jubilee Centre network. The academy has loaned soccer players to the premier Zesco United and has sold a player to Nkana United. He stated that while Kennedy is physically handicapped he is running a successful academy which has received notice from Herve Renard, coach of Zambia’s national team. Further, Kennedy is a committee member for the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola.

Daniel Daka, Jubilee Centre Youth Coordinator, responded to these testimonies; “Since its inception Jubilee Centre’s ultimate goal is to help the church win the next generation. I am so happy that our investment in leadership training through It Takes Courage, responsible citizenship, educational support and the great commission is bearing fruit.”

IMG_1068 At another Youth Day gathering, Lawrence Temfwe jr., Jubilee Centre Communication Officer, and Chairperson of the Ndola Youth development coordinating Committee in Ndola District was the featured speaker. He told the over 1500 people that “One of our major challenges as youth is laziness. We cannot continue to blame government and every other external hindrance. We cannot use unemployment as an excuse to indulge in alcohol abuse and sexual immorality. We must take responsibility to change the situation in our community and our nation.”

Picture: Lawrence Temfwe jr (fourth from left)

The church is a dominant social factor in every nation. Bill Hybels, senior pastor of Willow Creek Church, has often said, “the church is the hope of the community when it is doing things right.” We do not know what spiritual harvest will follow the initiatives on Women’s Day and Youth Day. Regardless, these communities are being changed by the active involvement of churches. Malaria and HIV and AIDS infections are reducing; youth who had no opportunity to enter college now have a chance of doing so. Young people are learning creative and innovative ways to address poverty, injustice, immorality and faith. Are you planning your Easter service to demonstrate that Christ came in order that the people walking in darkness may see a great light by your faith in action? (Isaiah 9:2).