Thanksgiving Season


Prisca Phiri in her maize field

 Prisca writes, “We come into His presence with thanksgiving because we are all sinners justly condemned to eternal death”.   Prisca understands what it means to be pardoned when you don’t deserve to be pardoned. “Ten years ago Pastor and Mrs Temfwe visited me as a 17-year-old orphan who had just given birth to a baby girl. A man ten years older than me who gave me the baby refused to take responsibility. The man told me, ‘In case you didn’t know, I am a married man I can’t marry you.””

In her testimony Prisca says: “These words choked me and I was exceedingly cross with him. I slapped him hard on his face. He staggered a bit and went his way without saying a word. I tried to follow him but he gathered speed and disappeared. I realized the ghastly mistake.  My life was ruined and I had no hope for my future. My heart bled and my eyes became red and swollen of crying. For 3 days I could not eat. I was contemplating suicide. That is when Pastor and Mrs. Temfwe walked into my life and told me, ‘Prisca, Jesus wants to show mercy to you so that in you, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display his immense patience as an example for those who would believe in Him and receive eternal life.”

 With the support of her church (Bread of Life) and her pastor (Peter Chikoseleshi),  Prisca was helped through her crisis.  Through Jubilee Centre’s sponsorship program Prisca was helped to go back to school.  Prisca completed high school three years ago and today she is head teacher of 1000 students at Bread of Life Community School. Some of the children from that school are now being sponsored in high schools through Jubilee Centre.  Through Prisca’s testimony, 1000 children can see how the mercy of Christ can transform the worst of sinners into instruments of His service.   

 Prisca is married to a fellow teacher, Samson Phiri, who is being sponsored by Jubilee Centre to pursue a higher diploma in teaching. Samson and Prisca are recipients of farming implements from JC which help them to feed their family as they get paid little or nothing from the school.  Samson recently wrote the Temfwes to say “Prisca and I have dedicated ourselves to cultivating our maize field. Mealie meal prices have gone up because the government does not have the capacity to buy and store additional maize. With the assistance we received from our church through Jubilee Centre we have been able to produce enough mealie meal for our family as well as to share with others.  This is one way we give thanksgiving to God for giving us Jesus who has made such a great difference in our lives.”

Lawrence Temfwe