Speech by Japo Mbetwa Acting Director: on the occasion of handing over a House to Bertha Katoka a 16-year-old orphan. District Commissioner for Ndola attended the Occasion.


Bertha excited on her new matress in her new home.

Jubilee Centre believes that the local church is the hope of the community.  We believe that local churches are bridges of overpowering influence to impact our communities.  As JC, we are committed to building capacity of the church leaders serving in low income communities, motivating them to be fervent in proclaiming the gospel and demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ through their involvement in efforts that eradicate HIV and AIDS, fight poverty and provide care for orphans and vulnerable families and children.

Your honor, JC works in Zambia, and as Zambians we aspire to live in a strong and dynamic middle-income industrial nation that provides opportunities for improving the well being of all, embodying values of socio-economic justice as articulated in the nations’ Vision 2030.  One of the key challenges in achieving this objective is that of ensuring equitable distribution of wealth in a society whose members have property rights, access to adequate and affordable housing, safe and clean water and proper sanitation.  According to the Vision 2030, Zambia has a critical housing shortage, that requires about 220 000 housing units annually for 10 years to meet the housing backlog and meet new demand. In the SNDP, the government plans to construct annually 150 000 housing units of which 100 000 would be low cost.  Jubilee Centre sees itself as partner with the government and being relevant in its quest to proclaim the adage that the local church is the hope of its community.

This morning, your honor, you are a witness that our training is bearing fruit. The Apostolic Revival who built this house is one of the churches in the JC networks. They built this house with church volunteers. Your honor, as JC, this is our prayer that churches which are the hope of the community raise up teams of God fearing members to rebuild broken families and community infrastructures so that our generation benefit mightily from their bold and bright contribution. What you see is one example of the church caring for one orphan, one at a time.

In its work JC has been immensely blessed to connect with resourced churches and organizations to provide support to the churches in the JC network. Today, we are highly grateful to God that representatives of Ridgepoint Community Church, a key partner from the USA are here with us to witness this occasion. Ridgepoint Community Church provided the funds to build this house. They have done more.  In the last three years this is the seventh house they have built for families in need. They have purchased three brick making machines and a Hammer Mill for four churches in the network. The churches will employ 20 youths who will be making cement bricks and produce chicken feeds and mealie-meal which they will sell in their communities to enable them raise resources to meet needs of HIV and AIDS and orphans in their churches. The Ridgepoint Church supports 77 families with orphaned children with money each month to help them meet their school and food requirements. Ridgepoint Community Church recently sponsored two young men to college by paying their fees for the year.

In conclusion I just want to pay tribute to the founders of Jubilee Centre Pastor and Mrs. Temfwe who are on sabbatical in the USA.  I personally am greatly inspired by their intense passion for the plight of our nation.  They have a clear vision on what Christians can do to bring dignity, justice, peace and material wellbeing for our people. Mrs. Temfwe who started the ministry to empower children with education has written a letter to Bertha. She says, “My dear Bertha. I am so happy for what God has done in your life today. He loves you and has plans for a great future for you. Raise up my daughter, love God and hit those school books hard and you will see the salvation of God.”