JC Newsletter July-September

Pastor and Mrs. Temfwe Take Sabbatical at Overseas Ministry Study Center.


Pastor Lawrence and Martha Temfwe and their last-born son Daniel are taking a break this year to rest at Overseas Ministry Study Centre (OMSC) in the USA. Their third born Samuel will join the family in November after he completes his high school studies. The OMSC has served missionaries and international church leaders since 1922 to provide them a time of rest, spiritual renewal and professional challenge. The long term residents this year include a principal of a theological college in Ghana, three South Korean missionaries and their families who are serving in Africa, a couple from China, a couple from Cuba, a lady from the Philippines and three women from Myanmar.  When asked why they were going at this time when the ministry was at its peak and they are so much needed. Pastor Temfwe responded, “We have been running non stop for eleven years. Some people who really care for us have been asking that we take an extended rest. However, recently we had a pastor visiting from the USA who had this line in his message when he was speaking to church leaders at Bread of Life, ‘Do not sacrifice yourself. Jesus has already sacrificed Himself for you. Remember your own Sabbath and real rest.’ Martha and I took these words as coming from Jesus Himself to us.” Pastor and Mrs.Temfwe who founded Jubilee Centre in 1999 will return to Zambia at end of June 2013.

Temfwe family currently abroad

Meanwhile Mr. Japo Mbetwa will act in the position of Pastor Temfwe. Mr. Mbetwa is an accountant by profession and is not new to Jubilee Centre as he has served it in various capacities over the years as a consultant, as a member of the Finance Committee and more recently as Board Member. On his new position Mr. Mbetwa said, “This ministry has a special place in both me and my wife’s heart. I therefore feel so privileged to contribute in this way.” Mr. Mbetwa who is married to Sarah K. Mbetwa is a deacon at Bread of Life Church in Kitwe.  They have three children.  In addition a new staff member has been added to Jubilee Centre.

Gift singing at house hand over celebration

Gift Kabwe who lost both his parents and was sponsored by Jubilee Centre through its child sponsorship program from 2004 until he completed high school in 2007 has joined Jubilee Centre as Child Development Officer. Gift who has attended several youth training courses including It Takes Courage is a youth leader at New Hope Christian Ministry. In 2010 Gift was sponsored by Jubilee Centre to do theology at Morning Glow Theological College in Lusaka. Gift states that he is so grateful that God has given him an opportunity to serve with a community of people who are so passionately given to serve people living in extremely challenging communities. He concludes, “ I know I will learn a lot here in how to love God and my neighbor. More importantly, I am just so happy to give back to a ministry that has helped me understand the love God has for me. My prayer is to see more results of His work by His grace and to love Him more. Amen”

Trust In the Lord

“The Bible study lessons for HIV and AIDS support groups have helped me and others in my support group understand how much God loves us.” says Mary Manda who is 39 years, and married with seven children. She is a member and chairlady of blessings support group, and also a deaconess in the evangelical church, in Chibuluma community. Both her and her husband are HIV positive and are all members of the support group in their church.

Mary manda

Mary said that lessons developed by JC have transformed her and the member of the support group. “Before I came across the study guide, I used to separate and hide myself from people for fear that they will know my HIV status and may begin to stigmatize me.” But after she went through the lessons, her mind was opened up to the reality of God’s love. She says that she is now free and bold to teach women in the church about HIV prevention and control. During their gathering she challenges them on the importance of testing for AIDS. In the last three months 30 women in her church have been tested and 4 were found positive and are on ART treatment.

Mrs. Manda narrates that her pastor and the leadership are deeply involved in counselling and care for those found infected. The church has won the war on stigma and they are now taking the fight against HIV to the entire denomination in the Copperbelt North. At their denomination meeting recently she was featured speaker where she spoke to over 50 church leaders from 9 churches in her denomination.  She added, “I thank God for being a member of this church, it has been an encouragement to us, not to lose hope, but to look to God in hope; Jeremiah 29:11.”

It’s Not About Me!



Elijah Chilolo at Chibuluma clinic with a patient

“No matter what community you live in if have gone through training offered by Jubilee Centre You will begin to dream of a better future for yourself and of how you can bring dignity, justice and wellbeing to your community” said Elijah Chilolo recently. Elijah was sponsored by Jubilee Centre to train in psychosocial counseling at Kara Counseling in 2010. Today he volunteers at Chibuluma Clinic as counselor to people who come for HIV testing when he is not at college. He sees an average of 16 people per day. “Three to four test positive and it is my duty to share with them that HIV is not a death sentence and point to them how they can prolong their life and be productive. As the Lord enables I also share with them the hope we have in Christ and how they can be saved” he added. Elijah is sometimes called to help in doing malaria testing for patients because of shortage of medical staff.

Elijah is one of 23 students who have received scholarship from Jubilee Centre to further their education in various colleges around Zambia. He is a first year student pursuing a diploma course in social work at the University of Zambia. Elijah is happy that his church (United Church of Zambia) is a member of the Jubilee Centre network churches. Elijah is very grateful to the local church leaders for the encouragement they give him to lead and for facilitating his scholarship. He said, “Because of the way training is structured at Jubilee Centre our church leaders now are facilitating us to play key roles in making our community safe and better.” When there was a need at the clinic for curtains in the labor ward, Elijah mobilized the youth at his local church to fundraise the money and were able to purchase the curtains.  “The Imiti Inkula training from Jubilee Centre has enabled me to embrace God’s vision for the poor. Though, I am materially poor I have come to learn that I am not too poor to help others. It’s not about me but it’s about God’s calling on my life and Him receiving the glory through my life of service and preaching,” concluded Elijah.

It is Never Over With Christ

Under normal circumstances his life was over. Kennedy Phiri was an upcoming soccer player with a future in big league soccer. On Christmas day eight years ago, coming from drinking spree he was so drunk that he slept on the side of the railway with his feet resting on the railway line. A train came through and run over his two legs and that is how he lost them.

Kennedy Phiri with team

A year later Kennedy gave his life to the Lord and today he is a key youth leader at Bread of Life and is founder of Ndola Youth Soccer Academy.  Kennedy was one of the 47 youth leaders who attended a Camp meeting for youth leaders that was held from 18th – 20th September at Smokeys Lodge in Misundu, Ndola. Kennedy was happy to attend the camp as it empowered him on how to develop youth to take up leadership roles. “As I go back, I am going to pour out my life into five young people who will teach and lead others. Doing it alone is now over for me. Others must get involved in leading. This is my take from this camp” The leaders were trained in how to write Bible study materials and how to engage the youths in bible studies. The leaders were helped to understand that bible study is not a preaching point. “The youth camp has empowered my leadership skills. The lessons on developing Bible study materials will help me not to teach heresy” Kennedy stated that he will also use the same skills he has learned as he coaches his soccer team

Kennedy’s soccer team is largely from the JC network church youths in Mapalo and is currently leading the amateur league in Ndola district. Jubilee Centre has donated a soccer ball and jerseys from the Barcombe village soccer team in the UK. Kennedy was beaming with joy as he shared with Daniel the youth coordinator at Jubilee Centre. He told him, “The principles I have learned from Jubilee Centre in how to run an effective youth church is even working in the way I am running my soccer team. Two players Joseph Phiri and Osward Banda attended trials in Lusaka at the Zambia National Team under 17.  Please pray for them that they represent the King of kings as they are lifted.” He further stated that his dream is to see these young people’s dream come true. He does not want them to pass through the life, which he used to live. “I thank Jubilee Centre for giving me leadership skills that help me mentor the youth and for the practical help the jerseys and a soccer ball,” said Kennedy with a smile.

What Manner of Love is this?

Mr Lunda’s old home

Mr Lunda and his new home

 “What manner of love is this? Asked Pastor Kauffoson Lunda when he was handed over the keys to his three roomed cement built house. But when handing over the house to Pastor Lunda, Mr. Japo Mbetwa (the Acting Executive Director) responded, Mother Teresa once said, “We can do no great things, only small things with great love”.  This is the perspective that JC emulates and desires to pass to the network churches.   “Many deeds on this earth go unseen by the eyes of man, but as Christ followers we do things to his honour and to show his love to others and he always sees. It is in this spirit that the churches in Mapalo help those in need” said Pastor Peter of Mapalo Bread of Life who is the Chairperson of the churches network.  Two families of Mapalo were the latest beneficiaries of the shelter that our partners, Willow Creek continue to support. Mr Kauffson Lunda is a Pastor in Mapalo who has a big family 4 children and 5 orphans. The condition of the house he used to live is shown below.

The second house beneficiary was Joyce Mumba. She is a widow with five children and she is HIV positive. She is a member of support and care group who encourage those who have lost hope. “I always tell people with AIDS to have hope in Christ. And what I meant was that Christ had a mansion for them in heaven. But today God has surprised me with a mansion here in earth. I will now change my message to my fellow friends with AIDS. They must believe in life here on earth,” said Joyce. She too was living in a dangerous home, the roof had many leaks and the roof was about to collapse.

Joyce outside old home

Joyce’s new home

As seen above, Joyce’s new home. She said “I am so grateful to God for using Jubilee to change my life forever. Many wonder if there is a God but look at at me a woman not recognized by many but always remembered by my father in heaven”.

In Proverbs 27:17 it says “ Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another”, it is for this reason that every year we have a partners insaka. All the local partners of JC gather together to look at the work done and what needs to improve, and alslo to encourage one another spiritually.

Partners Nsaka

The gathering lived up to its Insaka name as partners shared on how the church was having impact in the communities. It was refreshing to hear story after story of how the church filled with the Holy Spirit was demonstrating a spiritual energy and depth that was transforming individuals and community environment and culture.