JC Newsletter April-June 2012

 Compelled By Love


They went out of their comfort zone of Thomaston Georgia, to come and help built the Kingdom of God in Mapalo, Ndola. The team comprised of a senior pastor, three doctors, two nurses, a pharmacist and a team of 10 volunteers. They were joined by 50 volunteers and 12 pastors. For five days this team that came with own medicine served 1760 patients and reached out to over 900 people with gospel of which 360 gave their lives to the Lord.


“Walking through the crowded clinic, you could easily sense the presence of the Holy Spirit as the team served the people (health care) because they did it with such joy as they also discussed the love of God with many of the patients” stated Pastor Singoyi.  Pastor Temfwe, with tears of joy in his heart shouted, This is what church is all about, being light and salt in the community” Dr. Dan Bramlett who has been coming to Zambia for the last ten years told the volunteers at a dinner in their honor, “Zambia is my second home.” Pastor Bill Barbor told the pastors whom he spend two days with in a workshop at which he shared on leadership and church discipline thanked the pastors for inviting him to come and learn what God was doing in Zambia.  At the end of the five days work the twelve pastors the 50 volunteers and 5 trainee nurses who worked with the team received a bible.


Because He Lives I Can Face Tomorrow

Anansi Sakala is 38 years old. Before she was put on food supplements she was unable to perform even the most basic task on her own. She was so weak that even walking was a great challenge. A care giver from Rehoboth Church visited her and upon evaluating her condition she to put her on food supplements progr

am where she started receiving corn meal, sugar, soya meal and groundnuts for three months. After three months her condition had significantly improved. She is now able to walk, she feels stronger

and she is able to handle all the chores within the home without any assistance. “I want to thank God,” she says, “for the help that I received in my greatest time of need when I couldn’t do anything on my own.” Anansi stresses that all the love she was shown from Jubilee Centre and her church has strengthened her relationship with God and that in itself is the greatest gift she could ask for. She concluded, “Because I know that Christ lives, I can now face the future with hope.”

AWANA: Training of Trainers

“Train up a child in the way they should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Joseph Mbange, AWANA Zambia Director, explained to 3 pastors in the JC network and 5 Jubilee Centre program staff at the trainer of trainers training that was held at Jubilee Centre conference hall.  The participants were trained on seed planters and child development. The training took four days and it was compact with child development activities, games to be played with children, and an emphasis revolving around scriptural and spiritual growth for kids.


The course covered a number of topics that included the importance of children’s ministry, the gospel message, leadership roles and structure, discipline and awards, record keeping, and recruiting and mentoring.  Martha Temfwe stated, “We went through these categories thoroughly emphasizing on the best way to relate to the children. We had an opportunity to pick one of the categories of the training, and give a one-hour session as part of the training.”.


One area of the teaching that was covered was game time.  “Dealing with children demands that you include games in your lesson time,” emphasized Joseph.  Participants went over some of the games they can play with children to help them share the gospel and make a point on practical lesson. Part of the training was an  opportunity to practice what was being taught as the participants had a day’s session with children in Chifubu. “The game time activity was a big hit and a crowd puller, many children passing by joined and participated in the games, and we were able to minister to all the children upon completion of the game time,” stated Meluse the Child Development Officer.   “During the Bible story time the children broke into small groups and we got to know them and witness to them on a more personal level”. Conclude Phoebe.


House beneficiary (Justina Shaba Chongwe)

Justina has seven children and used to occupy a two roomed dilapidated house that was dust covered in dry season and mud-covered in the rainy season. My children used to suffer from all kinds of sicknesses because of our living condition. “I thank God for my local church for what it has done for me by building this house for me. Not once did a thought come through me that I would own such a beautiful house. This gift has given me so much hope and confidence that with God all things are possible. My goal is to work hard at my small business of selling charcoal and meal-mealie and grow it that I come out of poverty,” said Justina. “The Lord who has helped me have this house will now give me wisdom to come out of poverty.”

True Religion

Juliet Sapilinye was one of the beneficiaries who received a blanket meant for vulnerable families and bedridden patients. Currently, the churches in the network have ministry to over 400 families who are living in extreme poor conditions or have bedridden patients. Juliet who is 78 and attends   (in Chibuluma CMML church and aged 78 years old, she developed leg problems in 2008 – can’t walk. She’s being kept by her son and daughter in law).  When the HBC care-givers visited her with this the gift of a blanket, she was extremely happy. “How did you know I needed a blanket? She asked. Juliet encouraged her visitors from the word of God and used James 1:12 and Colossians  4:24. After that she prayed for them. The three volunteers were so encouraged. “This is very touching. Here I was thinking I was going to encourage my ‘grandmother.’ But it is me who receives more blessings from her, said Mrs. Mulenga .  “I am so glad for the way the church and JC are helping people in need. Please pray for us that our churches be inspired in helping members to create wealth that we be able to meet more needs for people like Juliet” stated Mrs. Mulenga.

Short-Term Learning Trips


In Philippians four verse twelve it says “I know how to get along with humble means, and I know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need.”

Since 2002 JC has been partnering with Wheaton College were the college sends students to come and serve with us in various phases of our ministry.  This year we had four students who served with us for five weeks. They worked with our youths in developing It Takes Courage Bible study materials and attending youth meetings. They taught at children Sunday school. They worked untiringly with Pastor Temfwe in developing an initiative that will advocate for the strengthening of OVC systems of providing support and care.


The four team that consisted of Marissa (a senior from San Antonio, Texas), Liz (a senior from Hong Kong), Lisa (a sophomore from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), and Emma (a sophomore from Milwaukee, Wisconsin) were also given an opportunity to experience a whole day in a local village. In their words they stated that this was a humbling experience and it helped them appreciate the things they take for granted, like shower, sanitation electricity. “Drawing water from a well and going to collect wood for fire in the forest has given me new perspective on many things I take for granted as rights,” said Emma.


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