JC Newsletter January – March 2012


Farming implements support has greatly improved food security and the general livelihood of over 150 households 30 churches in the JC network churches. The beneficiaries include pastors’ families, youth leaders, PLWHA support groups and churches with farm lands or gardens. This initiative is funded by Willow Creek, Ridgepoint and Christ Presbyterian Churches in the USA. The initiative has been running for three years and is meant to deal with root causes of food insecurity and to increase crop production and yields for individuals and families living in extreme poverty.

clip_image002Two beneficiaries of this initiative are two young women Idah Tembo and Esnart Namatama. In the 2010/11 season they had 7 bags of maize each. This year they anticipate 20 bags each. Three years ago they never thought they would do farming. However, there hope for a better for a better future was revived after going through the course It Takes Courage. “It Takes Courage not only opened my eyes to the potential I have to live godly lives but also to how I can bring positive economic changes to my own life, to my church and community.” The biggest change to the lives of these two young women is that they can feed themselves and meet their basic needs. “Our goal is to attain tertiary education for we are determined to lead a better life. And with God on our side we will make it,” stated the two young women.

Photo: A smiling customer displaying Cabbage at Christian Kings in Kawama

Christian Kings Church is one of the beneficiaries of this program, has a vegetable garden at its church field. “The vegetable program is helping us to feed young children who are under weight and have HIV. We also sale some of the produce to raise money to help children with school fees and provide food for PLWHA” Said Tokozile Ngona a youth leader at the church.

Future plans in this initiative include encouraging churches to access productive agricultural land through empowerment, workshops on land ownership and advocacy. We will also partner with SEEDS of HOPE that churches and their members get training in irrigation and conservation farming.clip_image004



In order to ease communication and reporting documentation the JC has empowered the four communities in which it is serving with computers, filling cabinets, office desks and chairs.

Photo: Pastor Nickson Phiri of Apostles Revival in Chifubu

Upon receiving the items Pastor Nickson Phiri said, “We thank JC for the equipments, this will help us to write reports and relevant information easily. The computer will help to keep our records in a systematic way. This will enable us to type the correspondence and print without any difficulties.”


Jubilee Centre staff and representatives from the church network were among those who participated in commemoration of the International Women’s clip_image006Day (IWD) on March 8, 2012. The participation gave opportunity to churches to share how the Christian community was involved in enhancing learning opportunities for girls through sponsorship and mentoring. They also shared about the Radio program they are airing which is addressing these issues. In this way they were able to connect appropriately to this year’s theme “Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures”

Five Jubilee Centre staff and 35 church leaders and volunteers took part. Pastor Josephine Kolala stated, “It is encouraging to see male pastors coming to join us in the march. We are sending a powerful statement that in Christ we are one, ‘There is neither…male nor female for we are all one in Christ Jesus, Amen”.

Photo: JC Staff, Pastors and volunteers from Mapalo and Chifubu during World Wome’s Day

“Each year, I am encouraged to see the church taking the central role in preparing for this celebration. The Church’s participation is translating into enhanced witness that Christ is Lord of all of life and is identifying Christians who are participating in shaping the future of our communities,” said Phoebe Chisha, personal assistant to the Executive Director of Jubilee Centre.


“I love to care for people with physical needs. At some point in my life I thought my dream of working in the health sector was shuttered because my mother’s prolonged sickness which has resulted in her getting half salary at her work place,” said Frank Habeenzu who is on JC tertiary support.clip_image008

Frank is now a second year student-pursuing diploma in Biomedical Sciences at Ndola College of Biomedical Science. Frank who is a youth leader at Bible Way Ministries is also trained as AWANA teacher. “I always wanted to work in the health sector and doing biomedical sciences is a dream come true. It is a blessing to be on this sponsorship because I am living the dream now. I am ever so grateful to JC and its partners for their heart of defending the cause of the weak and fatherless and maintaining the rights of the poor and oppressed,” stated Frank.

Photo: Frank Habeenzu at College

Frank has continued to show leadership skills as he is a class representative and he always ensures that they have devotion in class before lessons. He is completing his course next year in 2013. This year the JC through the churches it serves is sponsoring 885 children attending high school and 25 in tertiary education.


“Faith integrated into our fight against HIV and AIDS is our only hope in winning the war over this pandemic,” stated Bishop George Kakoso of Immanuel Step Ministry on a weekly one hour program sponsored by JC in partnership Local Partners Capacity Building Program (LPCB – a USAID supported Program). In thisclip_image010initiative we have trained 150 church and community leaders in three communities who have formed Radio listening groups that reach out to neighbours and discuss they can reduce incidents of HIV and AIDS in their communities.

The Radio program has afforded the church and the community leaders opportunities to come together and discuss how best to tackle the pandemic in our extremely challenged communities. In a recent program that featured Bishop Kakoso, one lady phoned in and said, “Countless tears of orphans are flowing around our nation, but how many church leaders or politicians are torn apart with sorrow that we have clear and sensible regulation for adoption, protection and education?” She continued, “I love this program because it’s waking up the church leaders from the slumber to what they ought to be doing. With so many orphans in the nation because of HIV and AIDS we need churches that are equipped with trained workers in caring for orphans.”

Photo: Edward Chileshe a Residence Development Committee Secretary in Mapalo during the live phone in program

Edward Chilekwa a secretary on the Maplao Resident Development Committee (RDC) said, “Politicians and civic leaders should come out in the open as role models because of the masses that they lead. This will result in reduction of people who are shy and dying in their homes because of stigma and discrimination to come in the open and share what they are going through knowing that they will not be judged but helped in how to cope.”


JC held a two day workshop in which 24 youths were being given skills in how teach It Takes Courage bible studies that develop victorious young people who live happy, healthy and God honoringclip_image012 lives. “Victorious Christian youths don’t get to the top on their own” stated Pastor Lawrence Temfwe, executive director of JC at youth leadership meeting. He told the youth leaders in his concluding remarks that: “Youths who make it in life learn to work through the tension between studies, job, recreation and developing their faith. And this is what ITC bible studies are about. To develop you to grow spiritually, socially, intellectually and physically”

Photo: Pastor Temfwe during the commissioning of the youth leaders

The 24 youth leaders who were trained will train 140 other youth leaders from seventy other churches in how to do effective ITC bible studies, after which they will start teaching in their churches.

“I face a lot of challenges as a youth leader because I do not have study materials and lack skills in how to lead creative bible studies. All these challenges have been met head and I now look forward to go and grow my youth ministry.” stated Maybin Nsofwa a youth leader from Light House Church in Chifubu.


Youths in the JC network churches participated in various activities during the youth day celebrations. The highlights included sports, evangelism and HIV and AIDS awareness and testing. In clip_image014Chibuluma, 22 youths accepted Christ and have joined local churches. In Ndola Chifubu and Mapalo youths held sports activities and used the opportunity to talk about HIV and AIDS at which 18 youths responded to be tested for HIV. At Lusaka activities 32 youths tested for HIV and AIDS. In all the cases tests were negative.

Photo: Girls playing soccer during youth day celebration in Chibuluma

“Our objective for this sports tournament is to promote youth sports talent and provide alternative entertainment for young people within the church. We also want to promote continued fellowship among the youth in the Jubilee Centre network of churches.” Stated Alex Chingeleshi at the youth day celebrations.

“We are grateful to JC for the support of these activities which are helping our youth fellowship to be strengthened and also enhance unity among churches. We need more sports equipment such as soccer balls, netballs and volleyballs that we continue with such youth programs.” said Evangelistic Mamunye – Chibuluma Church Mobilization Chairperson.


JC with the support from TEARFUND has continued to hold seminars on Counselling and Child Rights with community school teachers and guardians of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). Duringclip_image016 the seminars, guardians share the challenges they face while keeping OVC and biblical soluntions are offered.

One parent, a widow testified how she had learnt that descipline and tolerance go hand in hand. Another parent shared that she was scared of sharing her status with her children because when they were drunk they would yell at her to mock her for being HIV positive.

Photo: Children sharing a light moment


  • Thank you so much for your prayers, encouragements, partnership and contribution in the ministry
  • Thank God for this year as many things have been accomplished in the midst of the recession
  • Thank God that churches are capturing the integral mission
  • Thank God that the intervention in HIV and AIDS has reduced HIV infections
  • Pray for resources that we complete our offices which are under construction
  • Pray that JC acquire a large piece of land on which to build a multipurpose complex


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