Unshakable Kingdom

 Zambia should be enjoying its time in the African sun. We are a leading copper producer, have adequate staple food, a functioning democracy, and according to Operation Mobilization 86% of our 13 million people practice Judeo-Christian religion. Unfortunately we are also the “leader” in many of the wrong things. We lead in HIV and AIDS infections, unemployment and the number of people living in extreme poverty. Bishop Joseph Imakando put it this way in his message at Bread of Life in Mapalo Ndola, “as a nation we cannot fight poverty when we have politicians who are preoccupied with attaining power, reputation, and status but lack vision and strategy”

In his book Unequal to the Task? Elias Chipimo states that the values that shape modern Zambia have very little resonance with the sentiment that drove our founding fathers. He writes, “Sadly for Zambia and particularly for the generation that must now assume its role in the national leadership, the history of the early nationalist movement and the lives of those we can properly call our founding fathers is not easy to come by.” The legacy of our founding fathers was of fighting for self rule that we would be an independent people who never again would be relegated to second class status while being stripped of our natural resources, leaving us desperately poor. What we lacked at independence was a vision for the responsibilities of individuals, families, communities and government would have to be to make Zambia free, prosperous, and full of potential for every Zambian.

One could argue the vision of our founding fathers was rooted in Kaunda’s Humanism and Single- party state. Another could argue that former President Chiluba, in declaring Zambia a Christian Nation, was building on the foundation of David Livingstone when face bowed upon his clasped hands offered his last prayer for the deliverance of Africa at Chitambo. Nevertheless, the political parties these two men led have collapsed or are no longer in power.

Whatever the case, we who belong to Christ believe that Jesus died to save us and we are therefore part of his unshakable Kingdom. His death didn’t cause the Kingdom to collapse. To the contrary it has continued to explode! No matter what our current state, our future is built on a solid foundation that cannot be destroyed.

This week let us remember the death of our Lord. But may we dance for joy because of the hope and power of the resurrection. Let us also pray that the dedication of our nation to Christ be reflected in the work of Christians and leaders to bring spiritual, physical, social and economic wholeness to our nation. When the time comes for our children to rule, may we be remembered as the ones who left a foundation inspired by Isaiah 33:32 “for the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our law-giver, the Lord is our king, it is He who will save us.”

This Easter, as we remember Christ’s death and celebrate His resurrection, may we remind our brothers and sisters in Christ to celebrate with great confidence because our pardon has been paid in full!

Lawrence Temfwe