Running with Passion and Purpose (a testimony)

 “I became a Christian in 2001,” said 34 year old Alex Chingeleshi. A few years later he became a youth leader. His primary responsibilities were leading worship and choir practice. In 2009 he attended “It Takes Courage” (ITC) training at Jubilee Centre. The training was conducted by Jubilee Centre in partnership with Kerus Global Education  and sponsored by Willow Creek Church, USA.  The five day training focuses on building character and courage, and gaining vision for your life. The course gave him a biblical perspective on life, love and sex. “The training was a WOW! experience and led me to repent for sins I had been committing even as a Christian. Before ITC it was like the blind leading the blind,” said Alex.

Since attending the course Alex has passed on the training he received to over 300 youth in 21 churches in Chibuluma. Additionally, during youth rallies Alex has shared his testimony and lessons learned during ITC with as many as 400 youth! Many of these youth are for the first time hearing relevant messages related to the dangers of pornography, unplanned pregnancies, HIV and AIDS, abortion and drugs and alcohol. Once self centered and lustful youth are being reached with a powerful call to self sacrifice, developing loving relationships, and making Godly plans for their future. Bible studies are widely attended because they touch their real life situations helping them to discover for themselves the potential they have to live godly lives, bring positive changes in their own lives, to their community and nation. Alex stated, “I love to prepare and to facilitate the Bible studies and help young people hear the Word and apply the principles to their situation. Adult leaders now want to learn about “this ITC” from the youth because they are seeing real change in them.”

Unemployment is the greatest challenge facing the youth in Alex’s community.  Unemployment among youth is almost 90%.  Not long ago Alex was counted in that number. However, two months after ITC training he was selected to receive K1,000,000 ($200) grant from Jubilee Centre. Alex’s work among the youth in the 21 local churches in Chibuluma qualified him to be considered as a grant recipient. Alex used the grant to start a business trading cooking oil.

“Before I received the grant from Jubilee Centre my life as a family man was difficult as it was hard to put food on the table, pay accommodation and my children’s school fees,” stated Alex. Alex keeps 2 orphans and has three children.

Alex recently became a landlord after he purchased a house he was renting for several years.  The cost of the house was K2, 900, 000 ($600). His business is growing and he faithfully tithes from his profits. “I have a four year plan to build a 5 roomed brick- house through the business I’m doing. Pray for me that I extend the house,” said Alex.  “I am grateful to God for what Jubilee Centre and its partners continue to do in my life, my local church and the community. Last year they drilled a borehole at our local church that serves 300 families each day. This has provided an opportunity for us to share the gospel as people come to draw water.”

Lawrence Temfwe