JC September – December 2011 Newsletter


Over four years ago, JC understood that if the church was to be the salt of the earth and light of the world it cannot continue to do the church as usual. By the grace of God 288 church leaders from 94 churches rose up to the challenge and have in the last three years been attending Transformational Journey seminars were they are learning what it means to stand up to proclaim and demonstrate the clip_image002love of God in communities with extreme human needs.

Last October the JC team of Lawrence Temfwe, Peter Mwakalombe and Kabwe Kabwe – Willow Creek Country Manager were privileged to be joined by a team of four people who between them have over 90 years of ministry as leaders at Willow Creek Church – Betty Schimdt, Steve Bartz, Dan Lovaglia and Scott Pedersen to address the theme of Biblical and Effective Church Governance.

The subject on church discipline raised a hot debate. In one discussion a pastor stated, “How do you discipline a major tither? You can’t because if you do, you stop eating.” Another stated, “Instead of representing God in our discipline of erring members, the pastor is caught up in his own agenda of getting rich and the church slowly loses its position as the moral fibre of the nation.”

Photo: Elder Steve teaching during Transformational Journey at JC Conference Hall.

The facilitators, however, did offer practical teaching from God’s Word that equipped church leaders in how to represent God to the culture by penetrating every level of society. In his concluding remarks a participant Bishop David Ngona said, “Our churches and communities are experiencing a new spiritual birth because of these trainings that are helping us lead our churches with servant attitudes and address issues of discipline from a godly perspective.”


“Not on my watch” stated, Meluse Masuwa a Child Development Officer with Jubilee Centre when she heard Michelle Rhee. Michelle was one of the speakers at Global Leadership Summits which clip_image004were held in Lusaka, Ndola and Livingstone and presented via videocast. Michelle shared in her testimony how as Chancellor of Washington, DC school district she was unwilling to allow her schools under her watch continue as the worst performing school system in the US. After listening to how Michelle did it, Meluse retorted with tears in her eyes, “On my watch, I am not going to allow children be taught by untrained teachers in our community schools that are ran by churches in our networks.” The GLS was started in 1995 by Bill Hybels Senior Pastor of Willow Creek following a God given prompting to help raise and develop the spiritual gift of leadership in the local church. A participant beautifully defined GLS this way:

Photo: Participants at GLS 2011 at Bread of Life Ndola

“I have become apprehensive about attending Christian conferences … I was pleasantly surprised of how wonderful the summit was organised. Your team was wonderful. The meeting started and ended on time. The teachings were engaging, relevant to the needs of this present age and challenging. I am revitalized and emboldened. The messages demanded action; everybody can do something to make the ‘Kingdom come’. I am excited because I have already dug some ditches and God is going fill them in ways I do not know,” Mrs. Chanda Chilongoshi (business woman).



On the first of December, World AIDS Day is celebrated. Jubilee Centre is committee member for the District AIDS Task Force that prepares for this commemoration. All the network churches participate in the activities at local level. The theme for this year was Zero new infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS-Related deaths.

“This day is an opportunity for people to unite in the fight against HIV/AIDS, to remember those who have died of the disease and to review efforts being made to overcome,” stated Agnes Zalila the Care and Compassion Coordinator at JC.

clip_image006During the week of AIDS awareness JC focused on couples testing. They employed mass media, inviting couples for testing. In all 90 couples tested in a single day. The counselors were provided by the network of churches and all of them have been trained in psychosocial counseling through JC capacity building program.

Martha Temfwe who was one of the counselors stated, “I wish more churches would understand what we are up against. For zero new infection to happen every church on the face of Zambia must passionately be involved.”

 Photo: Volunteers during World AIDS day

Charity Chileshe a mother of three testified during candle light service were 450 people gathered at Lilanda Catholic church in Lusaka, “I have lived with HIV for over 4 years now but most importantly is that my baby has lived without breast milk but mainly on supplementary food that includes high energized protein supplement (HEPS) through JC support. When I was told at the clinic that I should find an alternative way of feeding my baby due to my HIV status I did not know how I was going to manage that. But I thank God around the same period the positive living support group to which I was trained on how to make HEPS and my baby was one of the beneficiaries.”



Pastor Temfwe was one of the team members that was invited by the UK based TEARFUND to attend at United Convention Against Corruption held in Morocco, clip_image008Marrakesh in October. At a press briefing hosted by Transparent International he said that:

“It’s in everyone’s interests to tackle corruption – so we need the broadest coalition and most effective mechanisms possible. After all our Lord Jesus Christ is called the Advocate because he not only pleads for our salvation but also desires that we enjoy life to the full as family, as community and as nation. His followers must do no less by advocating for a nation free of corruption, is just, and cares for the needy children, widows and the poor who are most affected by corruption.”

Photo: Pastor Temfwe at UNCAC in Morocco


Jubilee Centre was privileged to host an IT team from Willow Creek from 10th -16th September 2011. The training has enhanced the Staff computer skills which have added quality to staff report writing skills.

“I now understand better how to use Microsoft word, PowerPoint and emails. This is the only formal training I have ever received in computers. I am ever grateful to Willow Creek for the partnership,” stated Pastor Chris Chanda.

“My goodness this training has really re-enforced my computer skills, they indeed came at the right time. I hope and pray that the training will be an annual activity,” said Sister Jenipher Chibeka JC Finance and Administration Manager.

JC Microfinance project

JC has been able to see the gap between lower income people of Zambia and the poorest of the poor that cannot get a loan from Micro Finance Institutions which would be able to enhance their living clip_image010standard hence birthing the micro finance project. JC is playing a role of a catalyst in self sustaining church development through this initiative to boost whatever business church members are involved in to better their living standards.

We have started the project with Chifubu network of churches. Five churches have received the loans and 44 church members have benefited from Chifubu.

Cornelius Kasalwe a member of Gospel Missions church with the loan he got, he was able to procure a larger amount of fish (kapenta) to sell in the market, more material for the store (sewing material), and even got some groceries to sell (because this is what sells the most in that community). This has allowed him to make a larger profit margin as compared to what he used to. Cornelius said, “I am so grateful that I have been given this opportunity to better myself and my family, praise be to God. My family is now saving more money monthly than we have done in the past.”

Photo: Cornelius and his daughters at the store

“I am really astounded and encouraged at what some of the loan recipients have been able to produce or amplify with the money given, it really goes to show that a little used the right way can make an incomprehensible difference,” Stated Lawrence Temfwe Jr. who is volunteer in the program.


Starting the Journey of Life

JC has continued with workshops on counselling and child rights in order to help children come to terms with their grief and loss, help them face life’s challenges with great tenacity and resilience and clip_image012help them tell their stories fully, clearly and honestly to encourage others going through a similar situation.

Recently, JC in partnership with TEARFUND conducted a workshop for 27 orphans under the themeStarting the Journey of Life. At the end of the workshop held at Northern Technical College each child walked away with a pair of new shoes.

“I am happy I came to this training for counselling because now I feel free. Before I came here I was so heavy in my heart, I had no one to talk to. Here I have met my fellow orphans and I feel encouraged because I know that I am not the only one passing through challenges,” said Arthur Phiri from Faith Tabernacle in George.

Photo: Children and facilitator Mrs. Lumba during an ice-breaker to help orphans open up and share experiences



clip_image014Jubilee Centre staff wishes you a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year!

Mathew 2:2, 6



  • Thank you so much for your prayers, encouragements, partnership and contribution in the ministry
  • Thank God for this year as many things have been accomplished in the midst of the recession
  • Thank God that churches are capturing the integral mission
  • Thank God that the intervention in HIV and AIDS has reduced HIV infections
  • Pray for resources that we complete our offices which are under construction
  • Pray that JC acquire a large piece of land on which to build a multipurpose complex


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