Ndola Jubilee Centre welcomes govt’s anti-corruption drive

By Abigail Chaponda in Ndola

NDOLA Jubilee Centre executive Pastor Lawrence Temfwe has said figures by the African Union suggest that US $5,000 is lost every second in Africa due to corruption.

In a statement sent from Morocco, Marrakesh where he is attending the fourth Conference of State Parties, Pastor Temfwe said statements by the Patriotic Front government about their desire to tackle corruption are consistent with demands being made in Morocco by the United Nation Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) Civil Society Coalition.

Pastor TemfweHe said corruption harms the lives of the poorest sections of society and can undermine trust between the state and citizens.

“Corruption thrives on secrecy, when undisturbed by public access to information about government and business activities, which is why we welcome the commitment made by the government to put in place access to information laws. This is consistent with Article 13 of the UN Convention against Corruption,” he said.

Pastor Temfwe called on the government to widely publicize its commitments and efforts under the Convention against Corruption which would include measures on public procurement, public budget management, prevention of corruption and other measures the government is putting in place.

He emphasized the role of grassroots groups in combating corruption and called on the government to find a way of raising awareness of anti-corruption mechanisms and forming a broad partnership with communities, including schools, churches, markets, hospitals, local police, judiciary and family.

“The UN Convention against Corruption is a far-reaching convention, but isn’t widely known among citizens. It’s in everyone’s interests to tackle corruption – so we need the broadest coalition and most effective mechanisms possible,” he said.

Pastor Temfwe said as a board governor of Evangelical Fellowship, the church must play a leading role countering corruption through its preaching and playing its role as an advocate.

“After all our Lord Jesus Christ is called the Chief Advocate because he not only pleads for our salvation but also desires that we enjoy life to the full as family, as community and as nation. His followers must do no less by advocating for a nation free of corruption, is just, and cares for the needy children, widows and the poor who are most affected by corruption,” said Pastor Temfwe