Suzen’s Story

If you are to go to the Village of Kawama and meet Suzen you will meet a woman full of life and smiles. Life has not been an easy journey for her though. About a year ago she found out she had Suzen at her homecontracted HIV from her husband. When her husband found out about this he left her alone with her three children (ages four, seven, and eleven). She was very discouraged by the stigma that came with the disease, because rumors began to circulate. To make matters worse, her house was becoming unsafe to live in. In the rainy season the water leaked in, and it was in danger of collapsing due to large cracks. However, she continued to remember that “God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son…” These words helped to sustain her hope because she realized that “even if I was the only woman on earth, Jesus still would have died for me because he loves me so much.”

Back in 2006, Pastor Joyce of Revival Worship Centre was going door to door to evangelize to her community. It was then that she met Suzen and led her to know Christ. She became part of the church and volunteered to visit members of the church with HIV and offer home-based care. So despite the stigma, the church has been a constant encouragement to her as they support her family and give her hope. Because of Jubilee Centre, her children have been able to receive the money needed to attend school. She also receives medications that she needs and is able to stay active, selling bananas and vegetables at the market. At the end of July, she moved into a house that was built for her by JC and Habitat for Humanity.

She no longer worries about the dust and rain coming in which previously threatened the health of herself and her family. Through this experience she has learned to trust in Christ to sustain her both physically and spiritually. She is so grateful for her church and for the donors that have made the house possible.

“May God richly bless you and add years to your life!” she said, “Please continue to be generous because there are others like me that need hope.” Because of the faithful efforts of Christians in Zambia and across the world, Suzen has been empowered to live life to the fullest, even in hard circumstances.


Suzen and Pst