The Homosexual Debate

Will ten thousands of evangelical Christians flock to the polls and crucify politicians who fail to measure up to their standard of morality? Will they have what it takes to defeat candidates who are viewed as liberal on the moral issues of campaign? Will evangelicals see the current debate on homosexuality as reason for going to the polls? Whatever the case, evangelicals making a case against homosexuality must not align themselves too closely to a political cause as this can harm the message of grace.

What do we mean? If the Lord Jesus was here in person his church would be full with people living with AIDS, homosexuals, tax collectors, prostitutes and robbers because of his compelling kingdom love. Therefore in our discussion about homosexuality, we must be careful that we are not judgmental to the point where those living in this sin stay away from His church today because of fear that they will not experience unconditional love and acceptance in our midst. Jesus told the Pharisees that because of their judgmental attitude ‘you shut the kingdom of heaven in men’s face.’ By this we are not saying Jesus condoned sin. Be far from it. He told the woman who was caught in adultery to go and sin no more. In addition he challenged anyone without sin to be the first to through a stone at her. We must warn and challenge those who mock and laugh at people living in homosexuality that by their actions they are Pharisaical. As Jesus, has shown us we do not rejoice when people are discovered to be living in sin. We weep for their salvation.

Therefore, the political debate on homosexuality must not make evangelicals lose the sight that they are children of grace. Just as we have easier time understanding that we are saved by grace let also live in grace. But this does mean that we do not hold to account leaders who want to legalize pornography, homosexual and abortion. However, our argument should not be because we are a Christian Nation. That is the quickest way to lose an argument with a person or leader who does not believe in Judeo-Christian values. We have enough good reasons to argue from our cultural and traditional values. However, when we are discussing moral issues from a Christian perspective the context of the message must always lead to by grace we are saved.

As we go to the polls this year let us be mindful not to confuse partisan political zeal with Christianity. While we along with all decent citizens, should work against laws that legislate immorality by political means, our unique calling as Christians is to go far beyond this to extending the grace of God to those outside it. Those who have not accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!

Lawrence Temfwe