JC January – March 2011 Newsletter

Faith in action impacts short-term learning team

Jubilee Centre (JC) welcomes short-term learning teams to serve in various initiatives being undertaken by churches in the JC network of churches. Rev. Neil and his team from St. Nicolas Earley in UK visited for one week in February. RRev Neil teaching mentoring skillsev. Neil taught pastors and church leaders about the importance and practical how-to’s of mentoring. He also provided critical guidance with the final phase of our 2011-2015 strategic plan. His colleagues Maureen and Wendy visited child headed households, feeding programs, people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS (PLWHA), and taught administrative skills to our support staff.

Photo: Rev. Neil Warwick teaching mentoring skills

After returning home they sent letters of encouragement. Maureen said “Your example of how to live our faith on a daily basis will have a lasting impact on me.” Wendy commended the testimony of the Jubilee Centre network churches, “Thank you all for sharing with us. You have shown what living faith really means; If we truly want to be ‘Open to the Community, Jubilee Centre and its associated churches have a lot to teach us.”

The team will be remembered for their generosity with time, professional talents and care.

Pastor Jim Liske and Cathy Continue to “Fix what’s Broken”

Pastor Jim Liske from Ridgepoint Community Church in Michigan – USA has been visiting JC since 2006 and this year he came with his wife Cathy. Pastor JimPastor Jim Liske in Chibuluma taught Module 3 of the Transformational Journey curriculum; a Church Mobilization and Development curriculum developed by JC. The focus of Module 3 is church leadership structures and what the responsibilities of Elders and Deacons should be. Jim and Cathy also visited farming fields for HIV and AIDS support groups, homes of sponsored children, gave bibles to volunteers and bought new school shoes for 60 orphan children whom the church supports with $25 per month.

(click on the link to watch the video on youtube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaF0FEBHvwU)

Photo: Pastor Jim Liske with Pastor and Mrs Temfwe and Chibuluma mentorship team

Pastor Jim described the pastors in JC network as ‘Heroes in Zambia’ because few of the pastors receive a salary from their church on a regular basis. When money is collected in the offering it is used to pay land taxes, electric bills, and then used to care for the most vulnerable in the church.

At the Chifubu/Mapalo volunteer retreat Cathy encouraged the volunteers to continue their good works. “You are the reason your churches are strong and healthy. You are the wheels that move the cart down the road.”

Pastor Kolala Takes HIV and AIDS fight to the Streets on International Women’s Day

There are many reasons why I am involved in the fight against HIV and AIDS. But if I was to choose just one reason, it would be that every person should hear thePastor Josphine Kolala at the marketgood news of our Lord Jesus Christ said Pastor Josephine Kolala. Pastor Kolala of Shalom Christian Centre in Kawama a JC network church is a member of the provincial (Copperbelt) organizing committee of International Women’s Day.

Photo: Pastor Josephine Kolala at Kawama Market sensitizing the public about HIV and AIDS and women’s rights.

On 2nd March 2011 she organized Twikatane drama group and went to the Kawama Market to sensitize the public about HIV and AIDS and women’s rights. They distributed materials related to HIV and AIDS prevention to over 2000 people. She also spoke at the market after the drama was conducted. She told the crowd, “Let’s ensure that we educate girls and women to take part in decision making. How will you feel one day seeing your girl child’s dream come true; seeing her as the Member of Parliament or a doctor or a pastor?… Ultimately I am not here to tell how you can prevent HIV and AIDS, but how you can live life to the full in Christ whether you’re infected or not.”

People were drawn to the women beating drums, singing and acting, and also listened to the message. A skit aboutWorld Women's Day 2011challenges women face was performed. “I have learnt the rights of women and how I can make my girl child’s dream come true and ensure that that we have an HIV free generation,” Mrs. Mumbi a marketer said.

As a result of their efforts Pastor Josephine and Mrs. Chembe of Mapalo have been invited to be permanent members of the provincial women’s organizing  committee.

Photo: JC staff, Pastors and volunteers from Mapalo and Chifubu celebrating World Women’s Day

Jubilee Centre staff also participated in this year’s celebration whose theme was ‘Equal Access to Education, Training and Science and Technology; Pathway to Decent work for women. The staff, pastors and church volunteers from Chifubu and Mapalo were among those who marched during parade.

No Longer Isolated

The four thousand people of Chibote community in Chibuluma are isolated. They have small room (five by five metres) which they use as a clinic. When expectant mothers come for their anti-natal visits they normally stand in a line in the sun outside the clinic door as the clinic can only accommodate one patient at a time. When Howard, a 100_1794youth saw how expectant mothers were being humiliated for lack of shelter in which they can sit and be protected from the sun and from the rain, he invited his fellow youths to pray for a shelter.

Photo: Finished Shelter in Chibuluma

Three months along the way when the Pastor’s Committee of Chibuluma asked the youths what they would like to do for their social responsibility. They shouted in unison we want to help our mothers have a shelter at the clinic. When asked what led them to think about mothers shelter, instead of a play ground. Howard responded, “In our It Takes Courage Youth Curriculum we learned that, it takes courage to stand up for rights and dignity of others. Therefore, we want to stand  up for the dignity of our mothers by building them a shelter.

The shelter was built in February. At a hand over ceremony that was attended by Jim the senior pastor of Ridgepoint and his wife Cathy, the nurse in charge who is a Christian stated, “Today I realize I am not alone-the shelter is a sign that God is aware of our plight. Thank for the churches locally and abroad which God has used to demonstrate that He knows about us and cares for us.” Howard concluded, “The church in Chibuluma is ready to stand as the hope of the community. We are glad that we can demonstrate the power of the gospel in this way. Each time a mother sits in the shelter and experiences the coolness of the shed, she will be reminded of God who cares for her.”

(Click on the link to watch the video on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcoZzTyda34&feature=related)

JC Youth Coordinator Pastor Chris said, “Youth are being encouraged to care for the environment in their communities through social service projects, and it’s amazing how they are becoming innovative and responsible.”

You’ve given us a new life!

JC mobilizes financial resources for the empowerment of HIV and AIDS patients who have regained their health. Churches are being provoked with a Biblical andAgnes at Mrs Matowe's stallhumane framework to engage and respond to HIV and AIDS. As a result, discourses of fear and judgment are being replaced by repentance, boldness, wisdom, love, and compassion.

JC with the support from Willow Creek Church gave grants of K250 000 to 550  to PLWHA and many of them have started income generating activities. 38 year old Mrs. Matowe whose husband is a volunteer from Mapalo is one of the beneficiaries. She used the K250, 000 (aprox 50usd) to start selling clothes, “I now have K850, 000 capital in my business; I used some of the profits to pay school fees for my two children and to feed the family. Thank you so much.”

Photo: Sister Agnes Zalila (right) visiting Mrs. Matowe’s stall

Mrs. Kelly Malale is rearing chickens for the HIV and AIDS support group. “Tell your people (donors) their support has given us a new life! We refuse to have self pity, we are healed. I was dying with HIV and AIDS, so weak and unable to do anything for my family. The grant and skills in chicken rearing have given me a new life. Look at me now, healthy and supporting others. I want to open a shop for the community.”

Remember, you can change a child’s world

Without quality education, orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) of Zambia have little hope. JC Child Sponsorship is a holistic approach to addressing the needsChibuye Chisengaof orphans and vulnerable children.

Chibuye Chisenga is a 19 year old youth from Bread of Life Church, Mapalo. When Chibuye was brought to Bread of Life by a church member he was sleeping in a drainage ditch with no hope. He has now been in the JC sponsorship program for 5 years. Two years ago he began leading Sunday school for 3-5 year olds. “I know how beautiful God is and there was no one to teach the children, so I began to lead them myself.”

Photo: Chibuye Chisenga

“The biggest blessing of being sponsored is the letters I receive from the family who sponsors me (Darrel & Barbara Holck).” His eyes light up when he talks about the family that has sponsored him for the past five years. He is now in grade 11 and earning good grades in his courses. He will need good grades to achieve his goal of becoming a medical doctor. In the meantime he is involved at his church, running track at school, and spending time with his friends.

Chibuye is one of 140 Orphans & Vulnerable Children being sponsored through Jubilee Centre’s Child Sponsorship Program. All of the children have been recommended to Jubilee Centre by the pastor of their church. Monthly support of $25 provides each child educational and nutritional support. To find out more about Jubilee Centre Child Sponsorship contact Martha Temfwe ([email protected])

JC hosts It Takes Courage Youth Curriculum

JC in partnership with Kerus Global Education and Willow Creek Church of USA held a five day training in It Takes Courage youth curriculum and 87 youthIts Takes Courage graduated. Here are some testimonies:

“One thing that has really blessed me is that my character determines my progress and success in my life. When I go back to Samfya I will teach my fellow youth that as a youth if you want to succeed in life you need to work on your character and mind” sated Patricia Mubanga.

Photo: It Takes Courage Participants with their certificates

“It’s shocking that programs like this are not instilled in our schools in Zambia. As a Christian nation it’s important to take advantage of these programs that promote character and healthy life choices,” stated Lawrence Temfwe Junior.

To watch the the video click here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iNiHEl-ByY)

JC train the youth in Christian Camping

JC held Camp Leader’s Training at Kaniki Bible College in Ndola. The theme was “one body, many parts’” (1 Corinthians 12: 12 – 31). 34 campers graduated on April Experiencial Learning2nd and will hold one or two youth camps this year in their communities.

The training provided a great environment for these leaders to reflect on what God is doing and wants to do in their lives. “The pilgrimage walk has helped me to know that God indeed speaks, especially when you are willing to listen. I purpose to continue doing this because I have experienced the power of focusing and reflecting on God’s bigger agenda for my life as a youth,” Stated Edgar Chanda, Youth Coordinator in Lusaka.

Photo: Youth leaders performing and activity

Copperbelt youth coordinator Mr. Benson Chisani encouraged the youth to read the government youth policies. “On behalf of the government I thank Jubilee Centre because it’s helping the government to put in practice the youth policies. It’s the duty of the government to ensure that youth grow into responsible adults and leaders. Thank you Jubilee for changing the lives of the youth.”

Muhia, the director of African Camping, and Lizzie were grateful for the spiritual maturity and commitment of the youth.

JC Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the peace of Zambia
  • Pray for deepened faith for Jubilee Centre (JC) staff as the world goes through economic recession.
  • Pray that Jubilee Centre acquire a large piece of land on which to build a multipurpose complex which will consist of a farm, guest house and conference facilities.
  • We are praying for 2 vehicles to meet ministry needs.


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