Ask for God’s Wisdom

This month’s theme at our local church is wisdom. To launch the “month of wisdom” Rev.George Chanda preached that popularity and wealth without wisdom is not success. He said “wisdom is the ability to measure life as God perceives it.” He stressed that you are really successful when you see His kingdom in all you do.

We learnt that wisdom is ours for the asking. Gaining wisdom takes time, is costly, and can be a painful process. True wisdom is not received because one is a human being, but it can only be claimed through an intimate relationship with God’s Son. Jesus is the channel through which wisdom comes.

This theme is relevant to our nation in light of the recent failure of the Constitution to go through the second reading in Parliament. As a nation we have lacked wisdom in our desire to come up with a Constitution that represents our aspirations. Otherwise, how do you explain our failure to draft a people driven Constitution since independence? Can you imagine that for almost 50 years we have been in a holding pattern because we have a Constitution that the late President Patrick Mwanawasa described as divisive and a hindrance to the development of a sustained democracy?

As a nation we are in the wilderness when it comes to the Constitution. Someone needs to take responsibility to help the people of Zambia understand where we are headed. How are we going to get there? When will we arrive? This is not a time to blame the followers for not following. This is time for our leaders to exercise wisdom and help us understand how we will move forward.

The biblical story of Moses is a great example of a well meaning leader who failed to get the support of the very people who needed the help. In his case, it took a desert experience for God to get his attention and for Moses to receive wisdom regarding how to get his people out of oppression. God’s training plan for Moses was not a one day program but over time; not through a single event, but through a process. Moses received wisdom to lead the Israelites by letting go of the luxury of a palace and by living in the desert for forty years!

God maybe be calling your church to a desert experience to get your attention. The experience might involve providing hope to unemployed youth who think there are no opportunities for them in Zambia. It might be caring for ailing AIDS patients for a long time. It might be helping an orphan with shelter or education. It might involve praying for open access to the wisdom of God over the issue of our Constitution. Whatever the case, remember that wisdom that comes from God ultimately honours and reveres God (Proverb 1.7).

Lawrence Temfwe