The Gift of Bibles Makes Sense

Jennifer a volunteer in the care and compassion ministry of her local church recently attended a one day volunteer retreat where she was given the gift of a  Volunteers receiving biblesbible. She stated, “Last time I was at Jubilee Centre volunteer appreciation I was appreciated with a small torchlight. I did not have any bible. Even when teaching the Sunday school I could only recite what is written. But today I have been given the bible, which is a true light to my path. God bless you.” Jennifer was not the only one who received a bible.

There was Jessie who is 17 years and has a one year old baby girl and both infected with HIV and AIDS. Jessie who also received groceries that were donated by Ridgepoint Community Church and has recently moved in a house built for her with support from Willow Creek Church said, “Its nice to be in my own house and it  is important to have my own bible which I will read everyday to remind me that it is God who has provided me this house and he loves me and my daughter despite my state.” All 78 volunteer leaders who attended the retreats in Chibuluma, Chifubu, Mapalo and Lusaka’s George Complex received bibles that were donated by Ridgepoint Community Church.

Ray Zulu who is blind and who translated at Chifubu/Mapalo retreat for Cathy, the wife of Jim Liske the senior pastor ofJesse with a BibleRidgepoint, upon receiving the bible shouted, “God has been gracious to me. Last year I received a talking bible and the bible in brail. This year I have a normal  bible, which my wife will be reading for me. Blessings and prosperity are in the bible. Thank you so much for giving me the greatest gift on earth one can ever be given.” An elder at United Church of Zambia in Mapalo had this to say, “Imagine I am the church elder, I will be preaching tomorrow in church, I only have a bible which is torn and with pages that you can count! When I saw my friends here today getting the bible my heart was just beating. This is a real blessing. I will now prepare the sermon for tomorrow very well. Thank you so much.”

Lawrence Temfwe, Executive Director of Jubilee Centre explained, “Our mission is based on the word of God and when people have their own bibles it makes a profound different when we teach them because they are able to discover the truth on their own as Jesus speaks to them.” Churches in the Jubilee Centre network have a volunteer base of close to 600 people that take care of HIV and AIDS patients and provide care and encouragement to orphans and vulnerable children and families. Please pray for the provision of bibles for these volunteers.

Here is the link for the video on youtube as volunteers celebrate.


Daniel Daka