Self Serving Leaders

Bwalya Chiti, who is MMD’s National Executive Committee’s chairperson for legal affairs regrets that politics was now in a major sense not looked at as a means to serve. In the Friday’s edition of the Post he is quoted, “We are looking at politics as a way of livelihood. Even the morality in politics disappears because you will not be true to yourself and true to your party…unfortunately for politics it is seen as a source of livelihood, a source of benefit, and that is totally wrong. We must go in there to serve,” He is further quoted, “You have nothing, you go in politics. Tomorrow you have a car if you are a member of parliament, which you never owned. Tomorrow maybe you are a minister, you have five cars at your house and the youth and everybody, they look at it as a form of livelihood.” Chiti concludes that the system needs to be changed.

We totally agree with Chiti that the system needs to be changed. But who will change it. Is not the one with power to prevent who has the responsibility to change it?  Is not the one who has seen this evil who must do something about it? But how many professionals and intellectuals in power see what Mr. Chiti has seen. How many in politics are troubled by this evil of self-serving and have been moved to action. How many church leaders can speak to the issue “feathering own nest” without attracting the same criticism?

This evil which Mr. Chiti has pointed out is a major contribution for our backwardness and for our high poverty levels in the nation.  This reality ought to be so troubling to the church that in a nation that is so full of people who confess Christ as Lord, it majority of leaders in politics are in there for self-interest and not to serve.  We should be troubled because as church we preach that greatness is measured by sacrifice and service. If we are not seeing this virtue in our politicians especially those who are in our churches we should be troubled. First, we should be concerned as to whether we are pointing people to the true love of Calvary and the message of the cross. Second we should be troubled whether the message we preach is disturbing those who are comfortable that they be disturbed to see what is wrong in the socio-political system that it leads them into action?

As the year begins, we are going to lead our church members into declarations of what the Lord will do for them this year. As we do this let us also listen to God’s other whisper of what he wants us to declare to them  in order that a child may have shelter, a youth may get a job  a widow may get her justice and a village may have a church planted. Someone has said, “evil triumphs because good people do nothing.” We have a lot of good people in church who know little about the evil around them. As a church leader God is calling you to invite people to open their eyes that they see the evil around them and take action.  They are hundreds of people in your church today who have seen evil around them but they cannot connect that as an invitation from God to join him in solving it together? The question is, as a church leader are you also seeing the problem of self-serving leaders? There many Chitis’ who need to understand that what they see may as well be an invitation from God to join him in solving it together? Who will tell them? Who will disciple them?

Lawrence Temfwe