George Complex

Gary Schwammlein and his wife Gloria from Willow Creek are with us for a few days to attend the Global Leadership Summit. I and Pastor Brighton Siyanyiza the Chairperson is with me as we take through George Complex. We are showing them initiatives that are being undertaken in partnership Willow Creek Church that demonstrate that the Church is the hope of the nation.

Borehole at Pentecostal Holiness Church

Gary and Gloria are able to see the a fraction of the 800 families that draw up to 60 litres per day from the borehole that Willow Creek Church helped to drill. People are apprehensive to see a white couple in their community with a camera. I mention to them that the couple they are seeing come from the church that donated the funds to drill this borehole. Everyone is relaxed. The care taker comes to me and says this borehole is a great help to the community. He points to the water kiosk ran by the local government and says, “They open the kiosk at 6 am and close at 7am. Sometimes they do not open it up for three days. Pray for us to take care of this borehole. Pray too that we demonstrate love of God through this ministry.” We receive the same testimony in the other five churches we visit that have been blessed with boreholes. These boreholes are a great testimony of the love of God.”

Apostolic Faith Mission Church (Twikatane)

We are received by Alice the wife to Pastor Bweupe. The church has built two classrooms that will cater for 60 orphans and vulnerable children starting January education term. Alice who was sponsored by JC to be trained in psychosocial counseling is using her skills to counsel adult and children affected by HIV and AIDS.  On the wall of the church it written, “Defend the cause of the orphans and the widow” (Isa.1.17). Gloria is bleeding in her heart to see such material and hunger poverty. She only has dry foods in her bag. She asks, “Can I give them this?” Meanwhile, Gary is emptying all his pockets with the Kwacha and putting it in the hands of those who doing so much with so little. Gary looks at me, “Lawrence I cannot just live in this country for three months, Because I will be poor by end. I cannot just stand this suffering and poverty of people.”

Chengwere Cemetery

We drive through Chengwerere cemetery. Graves with names of those who have passed on show that most are between 21 and 45 years. My heart is bleeding as I cry in silence and speak aloud to Pastor Bright, “We need to do more to stop these senseless deaths.” Brother Gary asks pastor Bright whether he preaches about sexual purity. Pastor Bright says yes he does. As we pass funeral procession, we see young people drinking their heads off. Pastor Bright tells us, “This young people have stopped respecting the dead. They have no concept of pain and death” Brother Gary, “The cemetery is so unkempt and undignified. It is not fair to keep a cemetery in this state”

Driving to the hotel

Sister Gloria tells us that she does not want any lunch. We are all silent and we understand. I drop Gary and Gloria and their hotel. I am driving to the guest house as tears start rolling on my face I cry out. “Father, give us leaders who will deliver the needy, who cry out, the afflicted who have no one to help.” (Psalm 72)


  • That God will touch leaders with compassion for the needy at the GLS