JC June – September 2010 Newsletter

Jubilee Centre Family Fun Day

Family, fun, football, and friendship were all present at our Jubilee Centre (JC) Family Day at Nsobe Game Park. The event served as a time of JC Family Fun Day refreshment and fellowship for the employees of JC and our families to spend time together away from the stress of the office. The day also served as the kick-off to our 2010 ministry year.

Photo: JC staff and their families posing for a photo at Nsobe Game Park.

We arrived to an ideal picnic site complete with a nice space to play football and a beautiful lake for fishing and bird watching. One of the highlights of the day was the reptile exhibit where the kids and parents could see a puff adder, a spitting cobra, and a number of non-venomous snakes. An otherwise uneventful stroll through the snake pits was enlivened by getting to watch one of the snakes eat lunch, a live guinea pig!!! Everyone had a great time getting to know one another better, drinking too much soda, and eating until our stomachs hurt.

We finished the day with a leisurely drive around the game park spying Kudu, Lechwe, Giraffes, Zebras, and a bunch of birds. It is rare that we get to spend an entire day with our families and the families of our co-workers, and for much of the staff a trip like this is only possible because of the work they do with Jubilee Centre through the grace of God. The looks on the kid’s faces were priceless as they saw wild animals; only 30 minutes drive from their homes, for the first time in their lives. “When do we get to come again” could be overheard, from parents and children alike, as the bus was loaded up and Family Day 2010 came to an end.

Transformational Journey: Module 2

JC just completed the training of pastors in Module 2 of “The Transformational Journey curriculum”.

At the end of the training pastors and church leaders were given the 2010 award winning book ‘Hole inPastor Ray Zulu the gospel’. Pastor Ray Zulu who is a blind man from Apostle Revival Pentecostal ministries was given the Bible books in Braille.

“I don’t know what to say. Glory be to God. Knowledge is power. With these kinds of materials no more analysis-paralysis.” Said Pastor Ray.

Photo: Pastor Ray Zulu receiving the Bible books in Braille.

“After the workshop at JC, I started taking my church through a Bible Study using the materials we received. I am using the book A Hole in the Gospel. The book has the right message for the church in Zambia.” Stated Pastor Naphtali Musansa of Evangelical Church in Zambia in Chifubu. He also said that “As the church we are excited for the borehole which has been sunk at our church, we are seeing God at work in reality. Apart from people in the community having clean water for drinking we shall also use the water to water the garden and the produce will help in demonstrating our love for “Our Neighbour” especially the orphans and people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS (PLWHA).

Wheaton Team 2010

JC has been receiving Wheaton College Students since 2004 through the Student Ministry Program (SMP) at Wheaton College in USA. The students have been helping in various initiatives that seek to empower and mobilize churches to be agents of change, bringing Christian hope, justice and well being within their community. The students that came this Wheaton Teamyear were Hannah Schwabe, Samantha McKean, Alex Jones, and David Lee.

The students will be remembered for their humility, work ethics, and encouragement. The team indexed the library books at JC, visited people living with HIV and AIDs and prayed with them, taught in HIV free clubs, helped with the database for Child Headed Households and taught at  Musonda Community School.

 Photo: Hannah, Alex, Agnes, David and Samantha at JC posing for a photo at JC.

“At the feeding program in Chifubu tones of kids were singing a song that Jesus is coming back soon and the hope of that really hit me. The church here in Zambia is bringing hope and simply bringing The Kingdom of God; they are feeding people who are hungry, visiting those who are sick, and caring for orphans and widows, and the hope of that is stunning” stated Samantha McKean.

“I have learned what the church is supposed to be. The church is to reach out to the community with open windows and doors which meet the spiritual and social needs of people and not just as a big church on the corner of the street. The churches we visited in Zambia are a wonderful picture of what the church is supposed to be.” Alex Johns.

Commissioning of boreholes

According to the 2008 UNICEF statistics, the proportion of households with access to safe water stands at 59 percent for the whole country,Boreholes Commissioning while only 43 percent of the rural population accesses clean water and those in peri-urban areas are even worse.

Photo: Scott Pedersen pumping the borehole at the commissioning of boreholes at Pentecostal Holiness Church in Lusaka.

Therefore, the joy, jubilation and singing at a commissioning of the borehole at Pentecostal Holiness Church in Lusaka George Complex could not be contained as people whistled, jumped and danced when they saw clean and safe water flow. With the support of Willow Creek Church Sixteen boreholes have been installed. These boreholes will serve 29,300 people everyday out of a population of 83,200.

Celebration of hope

What would you do with 100grams of onions, tomatoes and carrots? JC gave seeds to churches in the network that had a piece of land to cultivate to start income generating activities for the church.

With just 100grams of seeds of onions which cost about $15 and using only one bag of D compound fertiliser ($50) and ten 50kgs local chicken manure ($10) making a total of $75 has enabled Christian Kings Church to make a profit projection of about $600 for onions alone! The market for the produce is a Garden at Christian Kingsstone’s throw from the church which is conveniently located near the local market. Christian Kings has an awesome garden which generates revenue for the church but also provides food for the 60 children they have in a feeding program and provides nutrition for People Living With HIV and AIDS. They are growing carrots, onions, rape, chinese, pumpkin leaves, and tomatoes. Christian Kings is one of the churches that has a living water treatment system which has helped to enable them to make green land out of land that was dry ‘bones’ just a few months ago.

Photo: David and Pastor David Ng’ona in the garden at their church.

“This garden has been an eye opener for the church. We are now planning to buy a farm because the land at our church plot is becoming small. We thank Jubilee Centre for the seeds they donated to us and Willow Creek for the living water treatment system.” Stated Bishop David Ng’ona with a smile.

The HIV support group at Catholic Church in the George complex also used the seeds to help peopleGarden in LSk living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) to start gardening as an income generating activity.

“We are using the money from the garden to buy our basic needs such as groceries and food to supplement our health” stated Rachael. The Catholic church also has a sugar cane garden.

Indeed there is a celebration of hope from the seeds, living water systems, and boreholes.

Photo: Pastor Lawrence Temfwe, Rachel, Scott Pedersen and an elder at Catholic Church the garden in George complex.

From Grass to Grace

Many patients die from malaria and illnesses that come as a result of common colds. One of JC’s Blanket Distribution initiatives is to distribute mosquito nets and blankets to people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) in order to mitigate these preventable diseases. This quarter more than 600 blankets have been distributed.

During the distribution of blankets Deophister Mushota testified “I am thanking God for what he has done in my life, I didn’t expect that I would receive a blanket. I have been sick for sometime and could only afford a torn chitenge which I used as a blanket. God bless those who made this possible.”

Photo: Home Base Care (HBC) giving a blanket to a patient at her residence.

She continued to thank JC and the church for uplifting the lives and standards of the poor. “With this blanket I feel like I am moving from grass to grace, and from nothing to something. This is just the beginning of what God has for us if we continue to believe in Him.”

Communications Team helps Jubilee Centre

A communications team from Willow Creek Community Church came to train Willow Partners in Zambia in story gathering, writing, and photo taking. The partners that attended included Jubilee Centre (JC), Mpatamatu Home Based Care (MHBC), Samfya Community of Care Providers (SCCP), Isubilo Community Resource Centre and Springs of Blessing in Action (SOBIA).

During the training the team visited partner communities in Luanshya, SOBIA, Mapalo and Chifubu in Ndola. The team was amazed that there were so many stories in our communities yet to be written. John Forbes encouraged the Willow partners to enlighten the donors on what was happening in the communities.

The Impact of Feeding Program

Bright Mubanga goes to the feeding program three times a week at Christian Kings Church in Kawama. Bright (13), brings his brother Francis (7), and sister Mary (5). Both siblings Feeding Programare HIV-positive and receive anti-retroviral (ARV) therapy. The Mubanga children lost their mother in 2008. They currently live with their father who is a part-time worker at an Indian shop. Bright takes the role of a parent when their father is working.

Man Zambian families live on less than one dollar per day making even one meal per day a struggle. Children who have been orphaned have it  even harder than most.

Christian Kings feeding program serves 60 children per week. Some of the children are orphans and some are HIV positive, but all are vulnerable. The children are fed three times per week and their weights are monitored each month to know whether they are improving.

Photo: Mary Mubanga 5 years old at a feeding program.

The church runs an AWANA program for them once per week. Through this program the children have come to know Jesus as Lord of their lives. Their father has been touched by the care of the church and has started attending church. The three children’s lives have been prolonged through this program.

Feeding programs have a profound effect on the communities where we are able to sponsor them. Where there is a feeding program children are more healthy, parents or guardians begin to see the love of God and are also being taught how they can raise their children in a godly manner.


JC Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the peace of Zambia
  • Pray for deepened faith for Jubilee Centre (JC) staff as the world goes through economic recession.
  • Pray that Jubilee Centre acquire a large piece of land on which to build a multi purpose complex which will consist of a farm, guest house facilities and conference facilities.
  • We are praying for 2 vehicles to meet ministry needs as work grows.
  • Pray for  Building program (building houses for OVC’s and Vulnerable Children )with Habitat for Humanity that the houses are Completed in time especially before the rain season.
  • Pray for Global Leadership Conference which starts from 5th November to 6th November 2010 in Lusaka to run smoothly.
  • Pray for ALL the JC Network of churches in the four communities where we work – pray for Gods strength and wisdom for HBC Volunteers, Pastors and the coordinators.
  • Praise God for the Willow Teams that travelled to Jubilee Centre this year and trained the staff in Communication and IT programs we thank God for the skills gained.


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